About Us

What We Do

Let’s Move Schools Outside is all about sharing our love of the outdoors with all of our loyal followers. We provide valuable advice and honest reviews of the latest state-of-the-art gear and equipment. We update regularly, so keep us in your bookmarks!

Our Advice pieces generally focus on a particular aspect of equipment, maybe about a certain feature or benefit of a popular outdoor item; or maybe we dive into the nitty-gritty of a certain camping methodology and analyze whether it actually works the way people think it does. If you’ve ever been at a loss about whether to go camping with a hammock or a tent, our advice pieces can help you there.

Our Review pieces focus on a particular product, where we look at it from front to back to find out exactly how good it is. Sometimes we run comparisons to try and find the best product of a particular type on the market. If you’ve been wondering about whether a particular lantern or sleeping bag is any good, we put them to the test in our reviews.

Why We Do It

In today’s hectic world, it’s important to take a step back and unplug once in a while. Trade the asphalt and concrete of the city for the smell of rain and the feel of dirt beneath your feet. That’s why we started Let’s Move Schools Outside. We wanted to share that experience of disconnecting, of healing, of recovering from the demands that life puts on us.

We also discovered another thing while we were setting up the site. A frequent complaint among all our contributors was about equipment. More than once, we’ve had the unfortunate experience bringing a nifty-looking product out for a trip, that ends up failing halfway through the week. That’s another important facet of our website; we endeavour to separate which products actually work, and which are just plain duds.

Even experienced veterans were once beginner campers. We’ve all dealt with poor equipment and lack of knowledge. We’re here to help you get from novice to pro ASAP; so you can focus on enjoying the camping experience.

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of outdoorsmen, trail walkers, camping enthusiasts, and people with maybe just a bit too much time on our hands. We run the gamut from serious wilderness types to vacation campers, and we prize those differing points of view in our articles.

We have contributors from all over the United States. Most of our East Coast writers have walked parts of the Appalachian Trail. Our West Coast people are mainly around Washington State and Colorado. No matter where they’re from, all of us love the outdoors and want to share that love, so Lets Move Schools Outside gives all of us an outlet where we can help others who love the wilderness as much as we do.

Our Neutrality

Though we may express a preference for certain brands (sometimes the hype is real!) Lets Move Schools Outside is ultimately a free agent, and we are completely unaffiliated with any maker of any product we feature on our website.

While we do get some money from our affiliate links, you don’t need to worry about us being paid off. All our articles express our honest views of the equipment being reviewed. We never ever accept any kind of payment to put in a good word for a product, and we never trash another product because we were paid off. This website is fair game, so if you’re looking for honest reviews about outdoor equipment, we should be your one-stop-shop!