AGPTEK Solar Lantern Review

Today we are here to review the AGPTEK Solar Lantern. Yeah, it can be charged with the sunlight, but it is actually so much more than that too. It’s an affordable and invaluable thing to take with you on any camping trip.

AGPTEK Solar Lantern

AGPTEK Solar Lantern

Camping in the dark is no fun, especially when you need to get out of the tent and all of your flashlights have run out of power. Here we want to take a look at a really nifty and fully rechargeable solar lantern, the AGPTEK Solar Lantern.

  • Affordable
  • Above average output
  • Five charging options
  • Bulky design
  • Not waterproof

AGPTEK Solar Lantern – Buyers Guide

AGPTEK Solar Lantern Review

Who is this product for?

The AGPTEK Solar Lantern is a great item to have for camping, and even just around the house. If you are tired of having your flashlights run out of power, if you are sick of forgetting spare batteries, and if you would like to get out of the tent without total blackness being an obstacle, the AGPTEK Solar Lantern might be a good option for you. It is a fairly bright lantern that works well for 1 or several people, plus it can be charged using the sun, your car, a USB port, a hand crank, and it even takes AA batteries too.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the AGPTEK Solar Lantern, you get a nice little lantern that can be charged in 5 different ways, plus it also has the ability to charge small devices such as phones and tablets. This lantern comes with a carrying handle, plus the included USB cable and car charger as well. You might not get a whole lot here, but it all works quite well.

Overview of features

When it comes down to it, for camping and hiking alike, we do think that the AGPTEK Solar Lantern is by far one of the best options out there, and it is thanks to the plethora of really useful features that it brings to your camping arsenal. First and foremost, the fact that the AGPTEK Solar Lantern can be charged in multiple ways is a really big deal. Yes, this item is advertised as being a solar lantern, which it is, but also so much more.

To charge the AGPTEK Solar Lantern, simply place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. Now, it does take some time to charge using only sunlight, but luckily you can also charge it using the hand crank dynamo. Yeah, it takes a bit of effort, but it is very useful in a sticky situation. Even better than that is how the AGPTEK Solar Lantern also uses AA batteries, it can be recharged with the included USB cable, and it comes with a car adaptor for car charging too.

When it comes down to it, it is literally impossible for this thing to run out of power, well, unless you smash it. The kicker here is that it also comes with a USB charging port for your mobile phones and tablets, so you can actually use solar or hand crank power to directly charge your devices, which is very cool indeed.

This is something we wanted to note, because although the AGPTEK Solar Lantern is very versatile, it is not the toughest option around. It is certainly not waterproof and should not get wet. What we do also like about the AGPTEK Solar Lantern is that it has a very low energy consumption rate, so it stays charged for quite some time even with constant use. Finally, this lantern comes with 2 brightness modes, one which is ideal for single people, such as for reading, and it comes with high mode to illuminate larger areas for groups of people. The carrying handle which it comes with also helps make carrying and transportation easy.


Well, in terms of a tutorial, there is really not too much to say here. For one, to charge it using the sun alone, you will take all day to do so, even if it is in bright sunlight, as the solar cells are not that great. Sure, you can use the USB or car charger, or even use disposable batteries too. However, what we would recommend here over anything else is using the dynamo hand crank. It will give you a bit of a workout, it is reliable, and totally free to use, besides the calories you will burn cranking it!


If you need something that is a bit tougher, can stand up to weather, and is brighter, the Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern is something you might want to look into. Now, this is not a solar lantern, but it is rechargeable and lasts for a whopping 200 hours, not to mention that it is much brighter too, but of course, also about 3 times the price.


All in all, we think that the AGPTEK Solar Lantern is a great option to keep in mind. It might not be the most durable of all, but it can be charged in 5 different ways and is sure to always have juice.

AGPTEK Solar Lantern

AGPTEK Solar Lantern

  • Hand Crank Dynamo Solar 36 LED Lantern Outdoor Super Bright Camping Work Light.
  • A universal USB charging port for charging mobile phones and other devices (output: DC 5V/1A).
  • Built in the Polysilicon solar panels, brighter than the other camping light and lower energy consumption.