11 Outdoors Games to Play with Kids: What games can you play outdoors?

The kids are out of school, and the weather is warm. What could be better than to get outside with your family? Playing games together, of course! Outdoor games have been a staple in families for generations. But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with ideas on what games you can play outdoors. That is why we compiled a list of 11 outdoor games that will keep everyone entertained and enjoying some quality family time!

Game Number 1: Dodgeball

Kids love dodgeball. This game can be played outdoors or indoors. It is a team game in which players on the opposing teams try to hit other team members with a ball or throw them out of bounds by hitting them with balls (typically thrown underarm).


Game Number 2: Capture the Flag

Capture-the-flag was a favorite outdoor summertime activity for kids who lived near lakes and beaches. The two groups would line up facing each other at opposite ends of an open field; one group had their flag planted firmly into the ground while the other waited across it. Once word was given that play was about to begin, all but one player from either side would dash as fast as they could towards their opponent’s territory where they tried to evade capture long enough to

Game Number 3: Tag

Tag is an easy game for children to play and run out all their energy. One person is the “It”” and they chase after one or more other players, who are now ”free.” The free player(s) can try to reach a safe zone (usually their home base), but if they get tagged by the It before they do so, then that player becomes “It”” in turn.The game continues as such until everyone has had a turn of being both ”it” and not-it”.

Game number four: Kickball

Kickball was an easy outdoor summertime activity for kids who lived near parks with plenty of space as soccer teams use. On either side of the field were two lines dug into the ground, which served as bases; each team took turns kicking the ball and running the commands without being tagged. This game was a close relative of baseball and was even played in the World Series.


In this game, two teams play against each other to see which team can be the first to reach a set number of runs (usually nine) or score more points than their opponents by kicking the ball into an opposing player’s goal post.The games are usually started with a coin toss to decide who will start off as “It.” The person chosen becomes It for that round, chasing after any players on their team not covered by bases or if able; they get tagged only when going from one base to another. If caught before then, the runner is safe, and instead, it is the catcher (“It””) who gets captured.

Game Number 5: Tug of war

Tug of war is a favorite among kids. Two teams of equal size compete for possession of a rope. The game is played in two side-by-side lines, each with an end of the rope between them. A player on either team can grab the other team’s steams line to gain control over the opponent’s opponent’s half and pull it towards their own (and closer to their goal).The first team that grabs hold of any part below the waistline from behind wins!

Tug of war

Game Number 6: Capture the flag

Capture the flags are popular games among outdoor enthusiasts who like capture games where players must steal or defend objects by hiding them from opponents while also looking out for hidden enemies themselves. In this game, both teams have their respective bases set up at opposite ends, as well as some secret players, are hidden throughout the park to help assist with the flag captures.

Capture the flag

The goal is to capture the other team’s team’s flag without being seen by the opponent while also defending your base so that it doesn’t get captured.The first person from one side of a group gets their softball and throws it in front of an opposing player who has been tasked with catching it before they can throw it back. This individual must defend themselves against four opponents using only three hands (they cannot use their feet). If they are tagged during play or if someone catches them throwing the ball at any point, then all players on either side switch places for another round! This game builds both physical endurance and teamwork skills, and creativity when strategizing how best to outwit opponents!

Game Number 7: Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss is an old game. To play, one person stands on a platform and tosses bean bags to the other team. Teams take turns throwing their bean bag, trying to knock down those of the opposing team. The player who knocks down all ten pieces first wins! This game is best played with groups of two or more people on each side.

Bean bag toss

Game Number 8: Egg Toss

The egg toss is a simple but fun game. To play, one person stands on a platform and tosses raw eggs to the other team. Teams take turns throwing their egg, trying to break those of the opposing team. The player who breaks all ten pieces first wins! This game is best played with groups of two or more people on each side.

Egg Toss

Game Number 9: Relay Races

Relay races come in many forms. This allows two teams to race and different games to be played with one team member running while the other waits. The first step in a relay is picking who will go first on each team. The next step is deciding what type of relay races they would like to play-baton, egg toss, or pass (ball). Next, players divide up into two teams, with one runner standing at the starting line and another waiting behind him/her for their turn. After everyone has picked how they want to run, it’s time to start!

Relay Races

Game Number 10: Sack Races

Sack races is another classic game for children. The game’s object is to be the first person on your team to reach and touch a designated marker.The players line up at one end of the course, each carrying a sack or pillowcase across their backs with their hands inside so that they can use them for assistance in starting. When ready, all contestants remove one hand out of their sack and race towards the finish line. No rules are governing how many people per side; just two teams are racing against each other!

Sack Races

Game Number 11: Water Balloon Fight

This is an excellent game for kids during summertime. The object of the game is to get hit with a water balloon and be eliminated from play.The players divide into two teams, preferably equal in number. One group lines up on one side of the yard or field and throws balloons towards the other team while trying not to get hit themselves. The first person from either team who gets hit by an opponent’sopponent’s balloon loses a turn (and thus their ability to continue playing).Players can also “defend”” against opponent’s opponents throwing attempts by catching their throw before it lands; this does not count as getting out for that player but instead allows them to return fire! Play continues until each member of one team has been knocked out or time expires.

Water Balloon Fight

In Conclusion:

All 11 of these games will be a sure-fire win with kiddos. So get to the park and breath some fresh air and get some exercise! In today’stoday’s world, with so much screen time, it is a beautiful change of pace to get the kids out running around and having fun! Who knows, maybe even some of the adults will join in on the fun!