30 Fondest Outdoor Childhood Memories from the 80s-90s

We all get nostalgic for our childhood, and we just want to relive these memories one more time. Maybe I’m biased, but the 80s and 90s kids had the best outdoor childhood memories in history. So let’s walk through some of the fondest and warmest memories we all shared.

The 30 Fondest Outdoor Memories

1. Lying on a Blanket and Reading

Nothing compares to lying down on a blanket over the grass and rereading your favorite magazines and stories. It was just so peaceful.Outdoor Childhood Memories

2. Beach Days

Packing your towels and swimwear for a beach day is one of the most exciting things for the 80s or 90s kids. Besides, sitting on the warm sand or running into the water is a feeling you just can’t describe.

3. Jelly Shoes

Do you remember these jelly-looking shoes that we’d just wear everywhere? In hindsight, these weren’t as cute as I thought, but I’d still wear them today.

4. Spending Hours on a Rubik’s Cube

When the Rubik’s Cubes first appeared, everyone was so obsessed with them, and so were you! Do you still have the skills, though?

5. All the Games of the 80s and 90s!

Hide and Seek, Musical Chairs, Tug of War, Tag, Truth or Dare, Marbles, Four Square, Simon Says, Hopscotch, the list just goes on and on.

Games of the 80s and 90s

6. Slip ‘n Slides

Having your own Slip ‘n Slide meant you were the king of the neighborhood. It was just so fun during hot summer days.

7. Running Around Sprinkles and Hoses

Still, on the subject of getting drenched, you used to wait for the garden sprinkles or hoses so you could run around them and get yourself all wet, didn’t you?

8. Dance Battles

Turn up the music, and let’s have one more of those 80s and 90s dance battles. I’ll show you all my Michael Jackson moves.

9. Ice Cream and Lemonades on Hot Summer Days

One of the warmest memories is when you’re sweating from the heat, and you go grab yourself an icy lemonade or an ice cream from the freezer for you and your friends.

10. Blasting Music on Your Walkman

If you had a walkman, you know you were the coolest kid on the block. You can say it Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Blasting Music on Your Walkman

11. Exchanging Mixtapes With Your Friends

Back when you have to make a mixtape of your favorite songs, not just add them to a playlist. The kids have it way too easy these days.

12. Drawing the Landscape–or at Least Trying To!

You tried to draw your own house, didn’t you? Bob Ross had such an impact on us kids; we all wanted to be painters!

13. Meeting the Neighbors’ Kids

Making new friends with the neighbors’ kids was so nerve-wracking yet so exciting to have a friend living right next door.

14. Handwriting Letters to Your Crush

Deny it all you want, but at some point in time, you picked up a pen and wrote a letter or a note to your crush. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to get a reply!

15. Exchanging Toys With Other Kids

When you grow bored and tired of your toys, you start thinking of ways to get new toys. So, you and your friends make some sort of arrangement to exchange toys. It was the trade of the century.

16. Riding Your Bike Around the Block All Day Long

You say you’re going to take your bike out for a spin, and suddenly it’s five hours later, and you’re dizzy from cycling around the neighborhood over and over again.

17. Roller Skates!

Do you still have your old roller skates? Because I do!

18. Having a Little Picnic in the Backyard

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were and still are, superior.

19. Flying a Kite

A windy day outside? No problem, bring out the kites.

20. Learning the Moonwalk and the Macarena

Everyone took the time to learn the moonwalk at some point. Do you still have the moves?

21. Trips to Video Rental Stores

Scrolling through the options on Netflix is the modern-day trip to a video rental store, minus the fun!

22. Starting Your Own Band

We all tried to start our own bands and pretended we’re rockstars. What was your band called?

23. Watching the Sunsets

Sitting with your friends and just staring at the sunset from your backyard was just so relaxing.

24. Treehouses

There was nothing more exciting than the whimsical adventures of a treehouse.

25. Making Friendship Bracelets for You and Your Besties

Having matching jewelry with your best friend was so special, especially when you made the bracelets yourself.

26. Trampolines

Jumping on the trampoline over and over again was just so magical; you’d never get tired!

27. Massive Birthday Parties

Arranging and decorating for an outdoor birthday party is something you just can’t resist. Besides, eating cake and wearing cute outfits was the peak of my childhood.

28. Covering Everything in Fabric Paint

If you tried to paint your own T-shirts before, you somehow ended up with fabric paint all over the place. I still don’t know how that happens.

29. Who Gets to Be the Red Power Ranger?

You and your friends pretend you were the Power Rangers, and you had to fight the evil all by yourself. But you always argued over who gets to be which Power Ranger.

30. Last Day of School

Everyone’s favorite day of the year was the last day of school. You just had so many plans of where to go eat and hang out with your newly-found freedom.

Final Words

We hope this list helped you relive some of the best days of your life. Those days were just so special, and they’re worth remembering.