Are Sleeping Bags Safe for Newborns?

There are a few different situations in which you might be interested in finding a sleeping bag for a newborn baby. Perhaps you are planning a family camping trip, visiting relatives, or maybe you just want him to sleep more comfortably at home?

Whatever the reason is, you may start off by worrying about whether a sleeping bag is safe for a baby to use. Is there a danger here that you should be aware of?

The Dangers of an Adult Sleeping Bag

It is important that you understand that adult sleeping bags aren’t a good choice for babies to use. One simple reason for this is that it is going to be big for him. Adult sleeping bags also tend to be too warm for young children.

Then this is the danger of the baby slipping down inside the bag and being unable to get out. In this case, he could over-heat badly or even suffocate. Some parents let their toddlers sleep in adult bags, but a newborn baby shouldn’t do this.

What Is an Infant Sleeping Bag?

What about the idea of using a sleeping bag that has been especially designed for babies to use? Not everyone is aware of this product or that it has become so popular in recent years.

This sleeping accessory is designed to make it completely impossible for the little one to slip inside and become totally covered. It comes with a fitted neck and armholes so that you can slip on him easily.

What Are the Benefits of an Infant Sleeping Bag?

This is a clever way of ensuring that the baby stays at a constant temperature. Rather than blankets that might slip off, he is covered by a bag that stays firmly in place at all times.

With this type of safe sleeping bag for babies, there is said to be a lower risk of sudden death occurring. It also reduces the risk of his arms or legs getting tangled up or trapped in the cot.

Another useful benefit is that it can help a baby to feel more comfortable when away from home. Using a familiar item like this can reduce the nervousness that sleeping in a strange place can cause a youngster to feel.

How Should You Use This Sleeping Bag

It is pretty to easy how a sleeping bag for infants should be used. After all, it is clear where his head, arms, and legs should all go. However, this isn’t the only factor to take into account. For example, what other clothing or accessories should you use with it?

Sleeping Bag

The starting point is with the temperature. Does he need something else to keep him nice and warm? If so, you might want to use a blanket. However, be sure to tuck it in so that doesn’t come loose or cover his head.

You can also choose how many layers of clothing he needs below the sleeping bag. Never use one together with a duvet or heavy blanket, as he is likely to get too hot under there.

Making the Right Choice

Just as with sleeping bags for adults, you can choose the right model for the level of warmth you want. They are typically rated in togs. A 1 tog bag should be light enough for summer use, while a 2.5 tog model will keep him warm in cold winter conditions.

Consider where and when you are likely to use this sleeping bag. If it is going to be used at home then you have the option of wrapping him up more, so you may feel comfortable choosing a lighter bag that gives you more flexibility.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Many parents now love using these cute little sleeping bags for their youngest children. There is no denying that they offer a clever way of keeping the little one warm and snug. Are there any drawbacks, though?

One issue that some parents might not like is that the baby can’t move around as freely. Of course, some people see this as being a benefit, as it helps to keep the child safe from harm. Older babies may try to unzip the bag for more freedom.

Perhaps a bigger worry is the fear of him over-heating. However, we have seen that this largely comes down to ensuring that you use the right type of bag and choose his clothing wisely.


This is a useful and versatile sleeping accessory that can help a baby to get to sleep safely and more comfortably.