Matt Price

What are Hammocks Made of?

Rope Hammock Pros Allows excellent airflow, keeping you cool and promoting air drying Cotton can be soft and comfortable against the skin Hammocks with spreader bars are comfortable for lounging Rope Hammock Cons Cotton fibers can retain water, making them heavy and prone to mold and mildew Hammocks with spreader bars can be more difficult …

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Can Babies Sleep in Hammocks?

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of baby hammocks, and, indeed, in many countries babies have been sleeping comfortably in hammocks for generations. Manufacturers claim that these hammocks securely cradle babies and create a womb-like feeling that soothes and calms infants. But are baby hammocks safe, and do they promote good …

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Are Hammocks Better Than Beds?

Humans have been sleeping in hammocks for centuries, from the ancient Mayans to modern campers and sailors. Many people prefer hammocks to beds, preferring how they save floor space and provide a comfortable nights’ sleep. But are hammocks actually better than beds? Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock There is increasing evidence that sleeping in …

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