Best Camping and Canoeing Locations in the US: The Beginner’s Guide

Hello there! Are you interested in taking a canoeing camping trip but aren’t sure where to go? You can find some of the best camping and canoeing locations right here in the US. We’ll talk about how to start canoeing as a beginner, what gear you need for your trip, what it costs, and more. Read on for all of that information – plus some safety tips – so that you can have a fantastic time on your next adventure!

Where To Go Canoeing In the US?

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide where you’d like to go canoeing in the US, as there are a lot of unique spots for this activity. We recommend exploring rivers and lakes alike – but if you’re not sure about which one will be best for your trip, take a look at these five top camping destinations:

Best Camping and Canoeing Locations

  • James River (Virginia) The James River starts near Washington DC and flows into the Chesapeake Bay before reaching its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s often called Virginia’s “other” river during the tourist season because it offers so many places to camp along its banks with easy access onto the water by way of put-in points or small side creeks that serve as perfect paddle areas.

The Second top camping destination in the US is the Boundary Waters. Located in the northeast corner of Minnesota and bordered by Canada to the north, this is a popular spot for those that enjoy canoeing because it offers an abundance of places perfect for primitive camping and some modern campgrounds with electric hookups if you’re not up for building your shelter.

  • The Nahanni River (Northwest Territories) This gorgeous river runs through the Northwest Territories before flowing into Great Slave Lake and then down into the Mackenzie Delta on its way to Hudson Bay. Few roads are running parallel to this waterway, so most visitors either fly or boat in – meaning there’s plenty of room near these waters as well as many beautiful sights like canyons, rushing waterfalls, and streams.

The Third Best Camping and Canoeing location in the US is the Wyoming Rivers.

  • Wyoming Rivers In Wyoming, it seems like there are enough rivers to go around since many people explore these waterways by canoe or kayak and use them for fishing trips or rafting sessions.

The Fourth Best Canoeing and Camping location in the US happens to be Caddo Lake.

  • Caddo Lake The Caddo lake, located in Texas near the Louisiana border, is a popular spot for canoeing and camping trips due to its large size (it covers nearly 20 square miles) as well as surrounding swamplands that are home to many different types of wildlife such as coyotes, deer, alligators, frogs, and other amphibians.

The Fifth Best Camping and Canoeing location in the US is also found in Wyoming. The Upper Yellowstone River flows out into Lower Yellowstone River before meandering through Grand Teton National Park from south to north with various campsites available along with on its bank. Upstream from here, one can find mountain trout fishing or enjoy kayaking down the river!

What Gear Is Needed for Camping/Canoeing Trip?

We recommend bringing the following gear on your trip to make sure you have a great time:

  • Paddle(s)
  • Life jacket (for children or everyone, depending on the boat and water conditions)
  • Tent/tarp/canvas sheets
  • Ground cloth – this protects your tent floor from sharp objects like sticks, stones, or other ground debris. It also reduces slipperiness of the surface beneath your tent, which helps prevent accidental spills into your tent when someone walks past in wet shoes!

How To Have A Safe Trip?

Some safety tips to follow include :

  • Sitting in the back of the canoe.
  • Always diving out before capsizing (rolling over). It is much easier to get back into a boat that has not yet overturned than it is when you are swimming! If your paddle partners know-how, they can toss rope from shore or another nearby boat and pull you both to safety quickly if needed. Learning these skills ahead of time makes for an even more relaxing experience on your camping trip!
  • Never leave any person alone while paddling without some guard rail installed between them and open water such as the edge of a riverbank. This is because someone could accidentally lean too far forward and fall overboard with no one there to help them up again safely.

Can Children Go On A Canoeing Camping Trip?

Yes, they can go camping with their parents as long as they can swim if there is no lifeguard present at any given campsite where you plan to stay overnight.

Tips For Beginning Canoers

These are some tips to help you with canoeing as a beginner

  • A canoe is a fragile boat and should be treated as such.
  • If you are paddling in unfamiliar territory, make sure to use landmarks like islands or big trees on the shoreline for navigational purposes.
  • It’s best not to paddle solo because if hurt (or even get into distress), it will take too long for help to arrive from anyone else.

How Much Does It Cost To Go On A Canoeing Camping Trip?

This depends on where you plan to go camping and how many people will be going with you but generally speaking, expect something around $300-$500 per person spent over two days of trips, including fees, etc. There are also gear rentals available at most destinations that will allow you to rent rather than buy your needed gear.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip?

More than likely, you will be sightseeing areas that you can’t see from land and only from the canoe. So remember to slow down and have your camera ready for the breathtaking views. Another thing is to get to know your partner if you are canoeing with a friend or family member.

In Conclusion:

A camping and canoeing trip can be an enriching experience. Remember to follow the guides as that is what they are there for, and practice safety first! This will ensure that you have the best trip possible. If you are unsure of where to canoe, be sure to look into the top 5 places that we recommended above in this article. Get out there and have some fun!