Can You Get A DUI On Kayaking? [Truth Be Told]

Yes, you can surely get a DUI on kayaking. Most people think it is not a ‘thing’, like where’s the fun in kayaking without popping any drink openly. Well, I can assure you that it is a ‘thing’, and a big one at that. So be sure to adhere to the rules so you don’t get charged with a DUI.

What Is A DUI?

A DUI simply means driving under the influence. Here’s what I mean when I say influence: the influence of a substance which is anything that could affect your ability to do anything properly or effectively. It could be alcohol, drugs, or anything at all that could impair your judgment.

What Is A DUI

A DUI mainly involves vehicles that move on roads. It could be trucks, cars, motorbikes, and any other form of road vehicle you can think of. In some states, you could be charged with jail time, fines or you could even lose your driving privileges. This automatically cancels out your car insurance and can also fetch you a criminal record on a golden platter.

If you are wondering what term is used for kayaks since they don’t move on roads, it’s BUI. BUI stands for Boating Under The Influence, this easily covers kayaks.

A BUI is just a DUI on water and it applies to all vessels that operate on water, like boats, fishing vessels, and even kayaks in some states. The law on BUI varies from state to state and country to country and so it is important to find out what your state or country says about it before heading out to catch some fun on your kayak. You don’t want to see the backside of the law.

How Does Anybody Get A BUI?

Well, as I said earlier, it varies from state to state and from country to country. In many states in America, operating a vessel with a BAL (blood alcohol level) of 0.08% and more is considered illegal.

If an officer of law thinks or suspects you to be boating under the influence of something, and you have a BAL of  0.08%, then you are toast. In Canada, the laws are really strict and cover even the non-mechanized water vessels, and in Ohio, the BAL that could get you in trouble is 0.05%.

In North Dakota and Wyoming, it is very easy to be on the wrong side of the law of BUI after just a drink, since the BAL permissible is 0.1, so, just avoid drinking at all.

What Is Kayaking?

Well, if you are searching “can you get a DUI on kayaking”, then you surely know what kayaking is. In any case that you just stumbled on this, you should know that kayaking is simply moving over a body of water, using a kayak and a kayak is a vessel that looks very much like a canoe. The difference between a canoe and a kayak is the sitting position of the kayak operator and the number of blades the paddle has.

What Is Kayaking

There are different types of kayaks, depending on their functions. Some kayaks have covered decks and one or more cockpits. Each cockpit seats just one paddler and the cockpits are sometimes covered by a spray deck, preventing sprays of water from getting into the kayak.

Different Types Of Kayaks.

  • White water kayaks
  • Recreational kayaks
  • Racing kayaks
  • Fishing kayaks
  • Sea kayaks
  • Surf kayaks.

Kayaks are not often subject to the American boating laws but operating a boat while under the influence of a substance can be punishable by law. Alcohol can affect your ability to control your kayak, but it is not the only substance that has that hold over you. Other substances like drugs, store-bought drugs, hard drugs, or even prescribed drugs can also impair your judgment.

Problems With BUI

Doing anything under the influence of any substance could affect your ability to do anything right or even think right.

  • It could lead to the loss of lives and property.
  • You could land yourself jail time and a criminal record.
  • You can cause a collision, endangering the lives of other water users
  • It could slow down your reaction time. You might need to maneuver a path, but guess what? Your senses have been dulled by whatever influence you are under.
  • You could fall into the water due to the imbalance caused by the water’s force and the alcohol’s effect on you.
  • It could cloud your judgment which is very dangerous seeing as water can also be a dangerous element if you are not attentive enough.
  • If you are caught, you get to attend alcohol counseling classes. It is not a fun experience, sitting in a chair opposite a person that thinks they know better than you.
  • Your boating privileges and license would be revoked.
  • You would be forced to pay large fines. Why not save yourself the trouble of having to give your hard-earned money to the law by obeying the law. That way, everybody is happy.

Due to the increase in the number of BUI-related incidents, law enforcement agencies are more intentional about regulating kayaks and motorized water vessels. The rules could differ in different states and so the police can interpret It however they deem fit. You can be lucky enough to escape the brunt of the law if, in your state, BUI is not taken seriously.

How To Avoid DUI While Kayaking

I know it’s not much fun kayaking without those cans of beer. Other alternatives to this would not get you in trouble with the law.

Avoid DUI While Kayaking

  • Avoid bringing alcohol on board. Do you want the thrill? Take it from what dangerous course your kayak is on.
  • Make sure you don’t drink or take anything that might affect your ability to properly and effectively control your kayak.
  • You can always drink and celebrate after kayaking.
  • If you must drink, why don’t you go with fruit juice or nonalcoholic beer? That’s much preferable and less capable of putting you in any trouble.

You can get a BUI on kayaking. Boating under the influence is not exactly a safe or logical thing to do. You could harm yourself and also other water users. The laws are there to protect us, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to obey them.