Canoeing Hocking Hills Livery: Everything You Need To Know

This blog post is about canoeing hocking hills livery. It can be challenging for those who have never been on a canoe trip to know what you need to bring or how much the cost will be. Here are some details about Hocking Hills State Park and its history, what to expect on your first visit, and more!

What Is The Hocking Hill Livery State Park?

Hocking Hills is a state park in Ohio, and it has over 15 miles of trails for hiking. It also features different kinds of forests that are perfect for free exploration! The livery was set up to offer visitors the opportunity to explore Hocking Hills State Park on water. Visitors can take guided tours or go out on their own with rental equipment from any number of outfitters around the area.

Can You Rent A Canoe at Hocking Hills?

Yes, you can rent a canoe at Hocking Hills. They offer both single and tandem kayaks as well as Canadian-style canoes for rental to visitors. You will need to go through the process of reserving your equipment ahead of time online or by telephone before coming in person. There is also a list on their website with outfitters that provide rentals around Ohio if you prefer not to make arrangements beforehand.

Hocking Hills

What Are The Age Limits For Canoe Rental?

The age limits are 14 years old and up unless they have attained Level I certification from American Whitewater Affiliation (AWA). Younger children may accompany an adult 18+ who has completed AWA level I training. An adult must accompany children under 12.

What Do You Need To Bring to Hocking Hills?

You will want to make sure that you pack plenty of food and water for the duration of your time at the State Park. It is also wise to bring a map to see the various landmarks and points of interest. You will want to bring snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, layers for changing weather conditions, as well as a water bottle or camelback.

What To Do In Hocking Hills Besides Canoeing?

There is much more than just canoeing at hocking hills state park! Many different hiking trails are available that range from easy to strenuous, allowing everyone to enjoy their time exploring this wonderful place. The rock houses offer visitors plenty of opportunities for photography. Simultaneously, there’s also excellent bird watching thanks to all the native species, including owls and eagles that call these parts home year-round. Not only does it provide recreation but also a great chance to learn about Ohio’s history.

Can You Bring Alcohol Into Hocking Hills State Park?

While alcohol is not permitted on the water, visitors can bring it to areas of hocking hills state park but under no circumstances should they drink any while within the boundaries of this Ohio beauty.

Hocking Hills Native Animals To Watch Out For

The following animals are native to Hocking Hills State Park.

  •  The black bear is native to the area. They are shy and typically avoid humans, but if they feel threatened by you or your group, they can become aggressive, and it’s recommended not to turn your back on one in either scenario. If you come across one while hiking as well, make noise so that it knows where you’re coming from. Please stay away from any potential denning areas because these bears will be more protective of their young inside those locations.
  • There are also deer roaming around Hocking Hills State Park which may cause some concern for visitors, especially when driving through parts of the park with winding roads like Old Man’s Cave near Conkle Hollow Road just south of Logan, Ohio! Don’t forget to bring your binoculars for all of the fabulous bird watching that can occur in the park!

Can You Camp In Hocking Hills State Park?

“No, there are no campsites in Hocking Hills State Park.”

You Can Drink Alcohol At The Livery!

“Yes, you can drink alcohol on our canoe trips! However, we do not allow any glass containers at all, so please bring a water bottle or other non-glass container to store your drinks!”The Cost To Go On A Livery Trip From April – October Is $35 (adults) And $25 (children). You can expect to pay $40-$45 per person during the rest of the year.

What Is Conkle Mansion In Hocking Hills?

Conkle Mansion is located inside the State Park. It’s the home of a doctor and is one of Ohio’s most haunted houses. This haunted house has been known to have visitors experience feelings of anxiety, panic, and fear while inside. So only visit if you dare!

Can You Bring Your Dog On A Hocking Hills Canoe Trip?

Yes, we love dogs! However, they must be leashed and cannot come on the actual canoe trip.

What Is The Hocking Hills State Park All About?

Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s most beautiful state parks. It features waterfalls and various other natural scenery that make it perfect for hiking, picnicking, camping, or just relaxing in nature. This park has been named as one of America’s Most Beautiful Places by Smithsonian Magazine.

What Are The Waterfalls In Hocking Hills State Park?

The largest waterfall in the park is Old Man’s, Cave Falls. It is a 163-foot waterfall that really should not be missed!

Where Can You Go Fishing In Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills does have areas for fishing. Lake Logan Lough is the largest lake in Hocking Hills State Park. It has many fishing opportunities for bass and trout, but you need your equipment to fish here.

Do You Need A Fishing License For Lake Logan Lough?

Bass and trout fishing is free, but if you’re on a guided trip with someone else’s gear, you will need to purchase the license for that person.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Hocking Hills?

The best time of year to visit Hocking Hills is from April until October. If you are looking for more activities than just canoeing and fishing, this would be your recommended season!

In Conclusion:

Hocking Hills State Park is a beautiful area to get out on the water and take in nature’s beauty. Enjoy spending time with friends and family hiking, canoeing, and fishing. Also, don’t forget to make it to Old Man’s Cave Falls, and if you’re really up for an adventure and a scare, be sure to stop by the mansion for a spooky experience!