CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent Review

CORE has been a trusted brand among outdoor explorers for years. They have a great line of tents, and this tent is the largest in their dome tent range. Since they are a privately owned company that strives to maintain small business satisfaction, their customer service is unparalleled. One of their core missions is to make products that encourage everyone to enjoy camping without the intimidating aspects of minimalist gear and overly complicated setups.

The CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent is like a home away from home. It offers shelter from the elements, even standing up against heavy rain and winds while allowing large groups to camp out together instead of in separate, smaller units.

CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent

It’s time for outdoor adventure! You’ve gathered together your family and closest friends for an S’mores Soiree. The embers from your campfire are sending their sparks into the stars as you and your friends tell ghost stories in the shadows.

You knew your kids would be spooked, so you came prepared with this fabulously lavish tent. Who said roughing it meant that you had to sleep alone in a cramped space?

  • Fits 9 people
  • Weighs under 20 lbs.
  • Good waterproof rating
  • Electric outlet
  • Non-heavy duty fabric, a compromise for the lightweight

CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent – Buyers Guide

CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome

Who is this product for?

The CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent is built for large families and groups. If you like taking along the whole family or all your best friends for extended outdoor slumber parties, then this tent is made for you.

One of the really great things about CORE is that they make products that are geared towards regular people. If you have always thought about camping with the family, but the idea of complicated tent setups scares you, this is a great tent for your family. They strive to connect with everyone and bring the enjoyment of the wilderness to people who aren’t lifetime experience campers.

This is also a great tent for slumber parties. If you have young kids who want to have their friends stay over for the evening, but don’t want them parked in front of a screen all evening, you should definitely look into this tent. They can all stay together under the stars after a long day of outdoor activity right in your backyard.

This doesn’t mean that this tent is a bad idea for seasoned campers, either. If you like camping in groups rather than solo backpacking, then consider taking this tent instead of several individual tents. It cuts down on gear and setup time at a campsite, and eliminates the need for a campsite that can accommodate multiple tents.

The one group of people this is not for is backpackers. If you’re a hardcore hiker who thrives on minimal weight and gear in your pack, then this will not be a great option. They have a range of smaller and lighter tents that would be better for small groups and individual hikers.

What’s included?

The CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent package arrives with the tent, poles, and stakes. It includes a rainfly and a carry bag.

Overview of features

This is definitely a luxury tent. It sleeps nine people comfortably and accommodates three queen-sized air mattresses. It has a central height of around 72’’ and a 16’ by 9’ floor. The dome includes a gear loft with a lantern hook and several organizational pockets to keep gear in place.

The CORE tent is made from a water-resistant fabric using their proprietary H2O Block technology with heat sealed seams. The ventilation system features ground level adjustable vents to allow cool air into the tent and mesh ceilings allow hot air to escape.

The windows are all zippered with mesh to allow for additional airflow and great views while still preventing bugs from getting into your living space. This giant luxury tent also includes an electric port in case you want to run an extension cord for power, so your phones stay charged.

How to use

CORE has published a helpful video to help with tent construction.


This tent is pretty awesome, but perhaps you need more space or much less space. If you want to stay within this trustworthy brand to be sure you get the highest standards of customer service, then you’d be glad to know that they make a wide range of dome tents.

Their domed tents come sized for families ranging from three to nine members, but if you need more space, they have cabin tents with rectangular walls that can sleep up to 12 people. One of their models even includes a screened room!


The CORE Nine-Person Extended Dome Tent is a fantastic investment for families who want to enjoy the outdoors together, whether that means backyard parties or wilderness exploration. It’s the perfect tent for the casual campers who want to stay together in one space.

With easy setup and protection against the elements, this is a great home away from home that even finds room for your air mattresses. Sleeping outside doesn’t have to be roughing it!

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - 16' x 9'

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent.
  • Features gear loft with lantern hook and pockets to keep items organized and off the tent floor
  • Electrical cord access port (port is fully closable when not in use)