Fly Fishing Vs Spin Fishing – The Ultimate Showdown

Have you developed a sudden fondness in fishing like me? Or are you someone just keen on expanding your knowledge around various techniques of doing it? Well, worry not! This may be just the right place to be.

A few days ago, while having a light conversation with my friend, I realized how many people like him are not aware of the differences between fly fishing and spin fishing. So I took upon this challenge of enlightening him. Most people assume they are the same but in reality they are quite distinct.

Fly Fishing Vs Spin Fishing – The Ultimate ShowdownIf you really think about it, the mere similarity of fly fishing vs spin fishing is that you can catch fish with both of them. Wondering what the differences are? This shouldn’t be made more confounded than it is.

You should simply take care of some factors, and before the finish of this article, you may have all the answers.

So, let’s delve into it right away!

Fly Fishing Vs Spin Fishing

Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing

Fly Fishing

The aim of fly angling is to trick a fish on any counterfeit or artificial rod that has been hand-tied and made with animal bits like hair, and so forth. It is done to challenge oneself with a progressively difficult type of fishing and catch however many fish as one can during the process.

The fly is thrown using a fly rod, and concentrated weighted line. As the fly is weightless, the trick is to use casting that is different from other types of throwing. This casting technique is the most stimulating aspect of fly angling. But the good news is that practice makes a man perfect.

This type of fishing is thought to be more peaceful and a natural way to get a fish, with numerous psychological advantages and open doors for unwinding.

Many people assume that they can use fly fishing mainly for trout but this no longer stands true as anglers are able to catch other types of fish as well. You can enjoy it in both stand still and moving water.

Spin Fishing

Spin Fishing is truly intended to catch a great deal of fish. The aim here is results driven. It can have amazing outcomes if your goal is to get a variety of fish.  One advantage that this type of fishing has over fly casting is that you can make use of Crankbaits and other baits in it.

This is because they can be utilized only with spin poles. At the end of the day, you may say that spin fishing may be easier than fly fishing.

You use different sorts of pole and reel in spin angling than fly angling. The reel is either open faced or shut faced. In fact, the spin fishing pole doesn’t make use of a trigger connected at its base like it is done in a bait casting fishing rod (fly angling).

Moreover, the casting strategy used in spin fishing is quite distinctive as well, as compared to fly fishing.

Techniques Used In Fly Fishing And Spin Fishing

In fly angling, the technique is to propel the fly toward your proposed target. It is done by the weight of the tightened fly line and the leader. Whereas in spin fishing, the technique is to cast a weighted snare or hook. And that hook pushes the bait towards the fish.

As you can see, both the techniques are different. Therefore, you can’t utilize spin angling gear for fly fishing, and the other way around. They are totally unique and therefore should be treated the same.

So, if you wish to try your hand at both, you will require two gears. One for fly fishing and another for spin fishing.

Spin angling technique can be valuable for covering a progressively extensive scope of water and that too very quickly. Be that as it may, fly angling is favored in light of the fact that it permits an increasingly accurate portrayal of food sources, and accordingly catches more fish.

This type of fishing is perfect for bringing in trout since they eat flies. But, as referenced earlier, you are not constrained to trout. You can get pretty much anything in anyplace as long as you can imitate the food source and have the correct apparatus. Conversely, spin fishing is best utilized in saltwater.

Gears And Equipments Used

The huge distinction between the two kinds of angling is the apparatus. In spin fishing, you cast a weighted snare or hook to get to its goal. While fly angling utilizes a tightened fly line to drive forward to the target.

Therefore, you cannot use similar gears and equipment for both of them. They have different strategies.

Spin angling permits a fisher to cover a wide scope of water fair quickly but in fly fishing, an angler can all the more represent the food sources precisely.

This implies that fly angling can be more advantageous than spin angling, making the former increasingly a good time for some fishermen. That is because you can catch a lot of fish through fly fishing.

Therefore, if you discover a lot of fish ascending to the surface of the water in order to eat dry flies, a fly fishing rod is what you would need. As far as spin fishing rod and reel is concerned, it would leave you with hardly a penny throughout the day.

The reason why you would be left empty-handed is that the fish are eating flies and you are carrying something. Thus, in a situation like this, showing up with a fly pole in hand would mean catching a lot of fish and a lifetime of fun filled experience.

Numerous individuals find connecting with the body of the water a pleasant experience. They prefer to learn about it before going about their business. It is said that fly angling requires the fisher to have a more profound relationship with the water body that they are using.

It may be true as you would have to peruse water cautiously so as to find and locate the fish within it as well as invest more energy and time to read the water conditions completely. But in spin fishing, you would not need to know half as much data as with fly angling. As in spin angling, you simply have to find your best position in order to make the most precise throw.

To make it easier for you, we have summarized the key distinctions between the two methods of fishing here.

Type Of Rod

Another factor contributing to fly fishing vs spin fishing is the type of rod used in both. In fly fishing, we use lightweight fly rods which help to cast line by false casting. Moreover, it’s simpler to throw some flies with it at a good distance.

On the other hand, spin rods are heavier. They are used to throw monofilament line with the help of a single cast.

Baits Used

Spin fishing uses heftier baits to imitate fish whereas fly angling utilizes flies like dry flies, streamers, emergers and so on to mirror all types of food that fish feeds on. You can also make your own homemade flies.

Line Category

Monofilament line or other kinds of same lines are used in spin fishing to cast heavier baits that don’t require heavier line. While in fly fishing, we make use of pioneer, fly line, tippet to cast the lightweight flies.

Still Water Vs Moving Water

Fly fishing is normally carried out on moving water (rivers, streams), however it is also being done on still water. On the contrary, spin angling is primarily done on still water (lakes, ponds) than on streams or rivers. Fly fishing may not be ideal when you wish to fish deep in the waters unlike spin fishing.


Evidently, flies are practically less expensive to buy than draws or lures. Interestingly, you could really get some quality flies for about $ 1 each. In this way, fly angling is more costly than spin angling. Flies are extremely less expensive than baits, yet aside from that, everything else in fly angling is increasingly costly.


Spin fishing line is wrapped around a cylinder contained within reels. A handle is used to turn the cylinder to pull in the line, and there is a bail to discharge the line to cast.

A drag framework inside the cylinder prevents the cylinder from freely discharging the line when a fish is at the other end.

On the contrary, fly reels are smoother and simpler. The line is folded over two plates with a cylinder in between. At times, there are frameworks inside the cylinder that serve similar purposes like in spin fishing.

The role of each reel is to contain the angling line that isn’t submerged in the water. Otherwise, the line would have been a tangled chaos.

The biggest contrast between a spin reel and a fly angling reel is that many times, a fly angling reel isn’t utilized to pull in line. A fly angler can essentially get the fly line with his hands if he doesn’t like to reel. But a spin fisherman must bring his line with his reel without fail.


Fly angling takes into consideration an upstream and stealthier method. What’s more, you can work in tight quarters during fly fishing. Conversely, spin fishing is good for mimicking lure fish or crawdads. They are present at all water depths.

So the method is to catch and fetch them to you.

Which Of The Two Is Better?

For quite a long time, there has been a debate encompassing fly fishing vs spin fishing. Which one is ideal? Is there a predominant decision? All things considered, which one is suitable for you? So, let’s uncover this secret.

We all know, each fisherman is different, therefore there’s no set in stone response to the discussion. With regards to which of the two may be good for you, it’s all down to your personal liking.  However, in the event that you are hoping to get fish for supper nearby a lake, then spin fishing would be your ideal choice.

And in case you’re looking for a more challenging experience, go for fly fishing. It may be hard to learn but if rivers and streams appeal to you, fly angling is likely the best decision for you.

Spin anglers can gain proficiency by acquainting themselves with fly fishing strategies, and in the same manner, fly anglers can get familiar with the techniques of spin fishing. On the off chance that you prefer fishing in saltwater, then you may probably lean towards spin angling, albeit various fly anglers are giving spinners a tough time in saltwater too.

Spin rods are quite inexpensive as compared to fly fishing rods. Therefore, before purchasing your own, you might try to borrow a companion’s fly angling set up to ensure you like it, as it tends to be costly.

However, once you get the hang of it, fly angling pays off as a great sport. Accordingly the investment you make in purchasing its apparatus may turn out to be more than worth the expense. In fact, the gear could easily be for many years. So, it’s worthwhile when you factor in all the above advantages.

Personal Choice

In spite of the fact that everyone is different and has various inclinations, fly angling in general is my personal favorite choice. This new ability to connect to nature and learn a new skill gives a certain satisfaction. Fly angling can likewise be a splendid sport.

Moreover, anybody may try it, irrespective of age, experience and strength.

Fly fishing rods may be utilized to get any type of fish across different types of water. What you need is a little skill and some apparatus like a fly pole, reel and a few flies that match with what the fish are eating.

And you would discover some new information and have a superb time fly angling.


When appropriate care is taken of the setting as well as the fish, whatever makes you happy is the correct decision for you. My advice is to try both.

There’s no simpler method to discover which one of the two techniques is perfect for you than to attempt both All anglers may benefit by evaluating the two types to find which they appreciate and reverberate with the most.

Think of it as having another ability to add to your skill box.

I hope now that you, like my friend, are able to comprehend that fly angling is vastly different from spin angling in purpose, gear involved and location.

So, step out there and give them both a go. You never know, you may just find your next passion!