How Far Can a 400 Fps Crossbow Shoot?

In order to answer this question, we must first understand what fps stands for. Fps stands for feet per second and is a measure of velocity. The higher the velocity, the farther the crossbow can shoot.

A 400 fps crossbow can shoot up to 400 feet per second. This means that it can shoot up to 300 yards or 900 feet.

If you’re looking for a crossbow that can shoot fast and far, you’ll want to consider a 400 fps model. But just how far can one of these crossbows shoot? The answer depends on a few factors, including the weight and type of arrows used, as well as the draw weight of the crossbow.

Generally speaking, a 400 fps crossbow can shoot up to around 80 yards with accuracy. Of course, if you’re shooting at targets or game that are closer than that, you’ll be able to get even more accurate shots off. So, if you’re looking for a crossbow that can provide both speed and distance, a 400 fps model is definitely worth considering.

MAX DISTANCE – How far will a modern Recurve Crossbow shoot?

700 Fps Crossbow

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right crossbow. But if you’re looking for one with some serious power, you’ll want to check out a 700 fps crossbow. That’s a lot of force behind each shot!

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a 700 fps crossbow: 1. Draw weight: This is the amount of force required to cock the crossbow. The higher the draw weight, the more powerful the crossbow.

But it also means that the crossbow will be more difficult to cock. So, if you’re not planning on using your crossbow very often, or if you don’t have much upper body strength, you might want to consider a lower draw weight model. 2. Arrow speed: As you might expect, arrow speed is directly related to how fast the arrow will travel once it’s been fired from the crossbow.

A faster arrow speed means more kinetic energy behind each shot, which can be helpful for taking down large game animals. Just keep in mind that arrows fired at high speeds are also more likely to veer off course if there’s any wind blowing at the time of firing. 3. Crossbow size and weight: Heavier crossbows tend to be more powerful than lighter ones, but they can also be more difficult to carry around and maneuver in tight spaces.

If you plan on doing a lot of hunting in thick woods, or if you need to be able to move quickly and quietly while stalking your prey, then a lighter crossbow might be a better option for you.

How Far Can You Shoot a Crossbow Accurately

If you’re looking to start hunting with a crossbow, or even if you’ve been doing it for awhile, you might be wondering how far you can shoot a crossbow accurately. The truth is, it depends on a lot of factors. But with the right practice and equipment, you can easily shoot a crossbow accurately at up to 50 yards.

One of the most important factors in shooting a crossbow accurately is having the right scope. A good scope will help you line up your shot and make sure you hit your target. Another factor is practice.

The more you practice shooting your crossbow, the better aim you’ll have. And finally, make sure your crossbow is properly calibrated. If it’s not, your shots will be off no matter how good your aim is.

With the right preparation, shooting a crossbow accurately at long range is definitely possible. So get out there and practice!

Crossbow Speed

A crossbow is a type of ranged weapon that has been used since ancient times. It consists of a bow mounted on a stock that is braced against the shoulder, with a mechanism to hold the drawn string and release it when triggered. Crossbows have a long history of use in warfare, hunting, and target shooting.

Today, they are also used for recreational purposes such as plinking and bowfishing. The speed of a crossbow is determined by the draw weight of the bow and the length of the arrow. The heavier the draw weight, the faster the arrow will travel.

The longer the arrow, the slower it will be. A typical crossbow has a draw weight between 150 and 200 pounds (68-91 kg). The arrows used are usually 20-30 inches (51-76 cm) long.

With these dimensions, a crossbow can shoot an arrow at speeds up to 300 feet per second (91 m/s). This is fast enough to penetrate most armor, making them very effective weapons on the battlefield. In addition to their military applications, crossbows are also popular for hunting and target shooting sports.

Is 350 Fps Good for a Crossbow

Whether 350 fps is good for a crossbow depends on what you plan to use it for. If you’re looking for a crossbow to take down large game, then 350 fps is likely not enough. However, if you’re planning to use your crossbow for smaller game or target practice, then 350 fps should be just fine.

When choosing a crossbow, it’s important to consider the type of game you’ll be hunting as well as your own personal preference. Some hunters prefer faster bows while others find that slower bows are more accurate. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not 350 fps is good for a crossbow comes down to what you hope to accomplish with it.

How Far Will a 350 Fps Crossbow Shoot?

Assuming you are shooting a 350 fps crossbow with standard bolts, your range will be approximately 80-100 yards. If you are using hunting arrows, your range may be slightly less. Crossbows shoot best when they are zeroed in at 20 yards.

After that, there is a decrease in accuracy of about 1″ for every yard beyond the 20 yard mark. So, at 30 yards your shot would likely be about 2″ off, and at 40 yards it would be 4″ off. At 100 yards, the accuracy decreases to about 10″.

How Far Can a Fps Crossbow Shoot?

When it comes to finding out how far a fps crossbow can shoot, there are many variables that will affect this number. The weight of the arrows, the type of crossbow being used, the draw weight of the bow, and even the wind conditions on the day of shooting can all play a part in how far your arrows will travel. That being said, with all things considered, most fps crossbows are able to shoot accurately up to around 50-60 yards.

Beyond that distance, it becomes increasingly more difficult to guarantee that your arrow will find its mark. There are several ways that you can increase the distance that your arrows will travel with a fps crossbow. One way is by using heavier arrows; while this may seem counterintuitive at first, heavier arrows actually have less drag and resistance as they fly through the air, meaning they can maintain their velocity for longer periods of time.

Another way to increase your shooting distance is by increasing the draw weight of your bow; a higher draw weight means more power behind each shot, resulting in greater distances. Finally, practicing good shooting form will also help you increase your accuracy and therefore your range; make sure you’re holding the bow correctly and taking a steady aim before releasing each shot. With a little practice and experimentation, you should be able to find out exactly how far YOUR fps crossbow can shoot!

What’S the Farthest a Crossbow Can Shoot?

The farthest a crossbow can shoot is 350 yards. The crossbow is a very powerful and accurate weapon, able to shoot arrows with great force and accuracy. It has been used for hunting and warfare for centuries, and is still in use today.

Crossbows are classified as either recurve or compound. Recurve crossbows have a shorter range than compound crossbows, but are more powerful and accurate. Compound crossbows have a longer range, but are less powerful and accurate.

How Far is a Crossbow Lethal?

A crossbow is a lethal weapon, capable of taking down large game animals. But just how far is a crossbow lethal? The answer depends on several factors, including the type of crossbow, the size and weight of the bolt, and the distance to the target.

A standard crossbow can shoot a bolt up to 100 yards with enough power to penetrate thick animal hide. But for hunting big game animals like deer or elk, you’ll need a heavier duty crossbow that can shoot a heavier bolt with more kinetic energy. These types of crossbows can shoot bolts up to 150 yards with enough force to take down even the biggest game animals.

So, how far is a crossbow lethal? It really depends on what you’re trying to kill and what type of crossbow you’re using. With today’s modern technology, there’s no limit to what you can take down with this powerful weapon.


A crossbow is a weapon that has a bow-like string mounted on a frame and attached to an arrow. The string is pulled back and released, propelling the arrow forward at high speeds. A 400 fps crossbow can shoot an arrow up to 400 feet per second.

That’s fast enough to penetrate flesh and bone, so always use caution when handling one of these weapons.

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