How to Change Simmons Rangefinder from Meters to Yards

Is your Simmons Rangefinder stuck on meters, but you’d prefer your measurement range in yards? The first step to make the switch is to look through the monocular and press the power button to turn on the unit. While still looking through, press and hold the mode button for no less than five seconds. If everything is right with your rangefinder, you should see the unit of measurement switch from meters to yards. From this moment on, you can enjoy your measurement range in yards.

It’s quite a simple process, but why should this be an issue? Why is there a need to change the rangefinder’s measurement unit from meters to yards? If you have been using the rangefinder in meters without a hitch, do you need to change it to yards? Is there an unknown advantage in switching the measurement unit to yards? This guide provides answers to the questions and much more.

However, let’s begin with a proper understanding of what a Simmons Rangefinder is and its capabilities.

What is a Simmons Rangefinder?

Are you a golfer or a hunter? It would beg the question of the kind of prolific hunter or professional golfer you are if you don’t make use of rangefinders. It can’t be gainsaid that a quality rangefinder elevates your game to a level far above a regular hunter or golfer without a rangefinder.

What is a Simmons Rangefinder

Why Simmons rangefinder? The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder, at its cheap price, shares most of the features you’ll find on pricy rangefinders. It’s perhaps the best rangefinder you will find in its price range – a price that will not put a hole in your pocket.

Features of Simmons Rangefinder

Some of the features on the Simmons rangefinder that you can take advantage of to win the next hunting competition or enjoy an advantage in your golf game are mentioned below:

Features of Simmons Rangefinder


Its rugged construction makes it suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and terrain. The Simmons rangefinder will withstand every stress nature throws at it without developing faults. It’s noteworthy that you shouldn’t submerge it though.

The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to be carried around. I mean, you should have an issue carrying with you a 7.7 pounds object for a long period.


The essence of using a rangefinder is to determine distance. The purpose of using such a device becomes defeated if it can’t be accurate in its measurement. It, therefore, begs the question of how accurate is the Simmons rangefinder?

The device makes use of advanced digital technology; it emits infrared pulses, which assist the rangefinder in making distance determination. It does this by measuring the time it takes for each pulse to reach the target and back. It’s simple physics of wave distance, velocity, and time.

It’s in this way you can decide to have your measurement in yards or meters.

LCD Screen

The Simmons rangefinder has an in-view LCD screen that displays several indicators such as the battery charge, unit of measurement, target acquisition. Although the dark display of the indicators makes reading them in low-light situations a challenging task, the LCD screen is fine for its bright and sharp optics.


The Simmons rangefinder’s magnification is a fixed 4x; hence, you will find it useful if you’re hunting at close ranges, it implies that its magnification accuracy begins to get compromised when the target is beyond a few hundred yards. The beauty of its magnification is even though it’s not as high as some of the top-class rangefinders; it gives clear visibility like them.

Tilt Intelligence

The Simmons rangefinder is intelligent. What do we mean? The feature, tilt intelligence, is aimed to compensate for angles; that is, you get to enjoy a genuine horizontal distance to your target despite elevations or depressions. You can see the angle compensation measurement under the distance number. However, this feature works only for targets that are not more than 99 yards.

Final Words

The beauty of using the Simmons rangefinder for distance measurement is that you’re not stuck with one unit of measurement. You can switch from one unit to another, depending on your preference or what you’re working on. There’s no such special advantage accompanied by a type of unit of measurement. The universality of usage is the reason behind the available units of measurement.