How to Change Simmons Rangefinder Points Meters to Yards?

It is possible to get involved in archery involving long ranges without water, food or even proper clothing for a short while but a Simmon Rangefinder is indispensable at every moment of a successful shot at the eye of the needle. With hairsplitting precision,a Simmons Rangefinder alleviates the deficiency in the accommodation of targets beyond the range organically permissible for a human eye.

A Simmons Ranger finds its utility in activities that require high precision such as in sports like Archery, Golf, hunting games and solely for the estimation of the target range. It is also applicable in the estimation of faraway targets range in the military parlance and in forestry.

Professional archers make it their ethical ability to take 100 yards distant shots by practising enough to acquire this ability. However, the Rangefinder surpasses such distance in its capacity and that suffices as a reason for the significant place of a Simmons Rangefinder in Archery.

Parts of a Simmon Rangefinder

Parts of a Simmon Rangefinder

The Simmon Rangefinder is a laser-based device of different types which are differentiated by the number printed on them. The number represents the maximum range measurable in meters or yards, which are its measuring units, with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.


It has a portable body which is most times Black in color with a pouch for the battery (9 volt alkaline battery which should be changed at 12 month intervals) and a single power button.


The display system features a Liquid Crystal display screen showing the battery life Icon , the aiming window and the unit of measurement located at the lower right portion of the screen. The optical system features a fixed focus monocular optical system that consists of the Eyepiece lens and objective lens that generates the laser illumination.

How a Simmons Rangefinder works

The Simmon Rangefinder is a laser-based device which employs the use of the mathematical relationship between the speed of light, time and distance, the range, measured in meters or yards. It does this by sending an infrared light beam to the target which reflects the light back and the rangefinder measures the distance covered by measuring the amount of time round trip and interpolates it with the speed of light to get the range of the target.

How a Simmons Rangefinder works

The range estimation can be affected by the reflectance of the target surface for the archery, such that a dull or Black color target reduces the accuracy of the range estimation, size of the target, atmospheric conditions and steadiness of the user.

In order to operate the Simmons Rangefinder, while looking through the monocular , press the power button just once to open the display system (Liquid crystal display screen) . Aim the device at a point about 10 yards away , press the power button down until the range is displayed,then release the power button. To aim at new targets you can press the power button again.

How to change the Simmons Rangefinder points meter to yards

The Simmons Rangefinder Liquid crystal display (LCD) screen features an illuminated indicator that shows the unit of the measurement. It is located at the lower right corner of the screen. The units of measurement of ranges are in meters and yards.

How to change the Simmons Rangefinder points meter to yards

The choice of the unit of measurement to be used is dependent on the user’s choice in terms of the measurement unit the user can easily relate his or her understanding of distance estimates to. It is necessary to have an idea of the distance to be estimated to get the best of the rangefinder such that an error made due to any fault in the rangefinder can be easily detected. Another means to know if your rangefinder is working perfectly is to use it in measuring short distances that can be estimated manually.

The LRF 600 is one of the best rangefinders among the array rangefinders Simmons has to offer, boasting features that makes it astonishingly accurate and intuitive to use. One can rely on this model for accurate measurement. Its LCD will display distances in meters or yards for targets that are within the range of 10 to 600 yards.

Switching between units of linear measurement of ranges is simple provided it is handled by one who is literate enough to operate the device and interpret the information. Before selecting the measurement unit that you prefer to use you must make sure that your rangefinder is turned off after which you hold the power button down for approximately 5 seconds while looking through the eyepiece. During this time the LCD and icons light up.

As you continue to press the power button , the unit of measurement (meter and yard), at the lower right corner of the screen, toggles back and forth. Once your desired unit pops up on the screen ,you should simply let go of the power button. The device keeps record of the previous unit of measurement you use such that when it is turned off and turned on again the last unit- either meters or yard, is displayed.