How to Decorate a Camping Tent

You know how people are always complaining about headaches, high blood pressure, lethargy, apathy, and even more serious conditions like anxiety? Well, most of these conditions are caused by the fast-paced lifestyle that we are living in. You know what we all need? More time with nature.

Going for a camping trip for a few days is going to change the way you perceive things and certainly allow you to catch up on that much-needed rest and relaxation you have been craving. And a camping trip will provide for a great social experience if you are going with your friends and family.

An essential to a camping trip is a tent. And as the market for camping equipment is massive, you will be able to find high-quality products for an affordable price without too much effort. We recommend brands such as Coleman, Eureka, and REI for the best value for money. If you have a higher budget, L.L. Bean or North Face will cover all your needs.

So, you have decided on the tent and it is time to get going on your camping trip. Once you arrive, you feel like something is missing – yes, you forgot to look up how to decorate your tent and make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Well, we are there to save the day – so go ahead and take a look at some of the best ideas listed below.

Decorating Your Tent Should Be Fun

The whole idea of camping is to have loads of fun, right? And that is why the decorating process shouldn’t be something that is a burden for you. There are numerous guides online on how to do it, but all end up giving you the same message – you need to decorate your tent in a way that is personal to you. Still, there are certain tips you can use to make your tent more fun, festive, or nature inspired, as well as more comfortable.Decorating Your Tent Should Be Fun

To start, we recommend that you get a few essentials that will make you feel like you are at home – investing in a good pillow, clean sheets, and a comfortable blanket will provide a comfy experience and make the inside of your tent an enjoyable place to be.

In order to make the inside of your tent romantic or festive, you might give a few items ago. Solar lantern light will work great inside your camping tent – these are convenient to carry and look good, so it is a win-win situation. We also recommend investing in something like an LED hanging light that will provide you with additional lighting that is effective so you can read or play games.

Apart from that, details such as simple, colorful bath towels, or a glass-encased citronella candle can allow your camping tent to achieve a whole new look. Feel free to invest in some fancy beach mats that will provide a fun look and prevent any kind of dirt or debris from entering your tent.

Enjoy a Comfy Tent Environment

Apart from fancy indoor tent decorations, we do have a few recommendations on how to create a comfortable environment in your tent with a bit of DIY effort. If you are with your children, investing in a solar-twinkle light will allow them to feel comfortable and provide that lovely outdoor feel.

A problem many people have is tripping on the tent lines – well it is easy to solve this problem by putting some pool noodles on the lines. Long gone are the times of camping induced bruises!

One of the most important tips to follow in case you are going camping in a hot environment is to take a reflective blanket with you because covering your tent will prevent it from gathering all the heat and making the inside of the tent an oven.

Lastly, we think that having a gear line organizer by your side will be a great way to prevent things from getting lost. Hang one across the tent and put all of your essentials on it – this way you will not have to look between your sleeping bags or under the mats in order to find the desired item.

Final Thoughts

There is not much theory to decorating your camping tent – if you are going out for a camping or hiking trip, be sure to make it is simple yet comfy. Just a few little extra details can change your whole outdoor experience, so be sure to check our guide and get the most out of it.