How To Keep Dog Warm While Camping? [Must Know]

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are one of the closest pets to man as the animals are so friendly.

Camping could not be more fascinating than when you go with these beautiful creatures. However, this adventure could turn into a disaster if proper care is not taken.

At the setting of the sun, there will be a change in temperature and weather and this can be very disastrous for your pet especially when it is winter time.

To keep your dog warm while camping, you can get a coat for your dogs to wear, take a blanket along with you, and use sleeping bags, cuddle your dogs, and ensure to insulate your tent properly.

Keeping your dog warm does not only relieve stress, it also gives your dog the comfort it deserves hence improving the overall health of the dog. This article is a guide for you if you want to take your dog as well as keep it warm while camping.

Is It A Good Idea To Bring Your Dog Camping?

Going camping with your dog is a very good idea. However, this is only when it is done appropriately, with care as changes in weather might not be suitable for them. Taking certain precautions can help you go camping with your pet without regretting it.

Leaving your dog in a tent while camping is a pretty good idea for you and your dog’s health.

Is It A Good Idea To Bring Your Dog Camping

Dogs are prone to cold just like humans. Taking your dog while camping can be disastrous for them as the cold can cause a lot of discomfort to their body as well as internal system.

Also, all camps might not be pet friendly and even if they do, there might be certain rules to follow which might not be comfortable or convenient for your pet.

How To Keep Dog Warm While Camping

There are certain ways your dog can be protected from the harsh, cold weather. When these steps are taken, they help to keep your dog warm and safe. Some of the steps are:

How To Keep Dog Warm While Camping

1. Wearing A Coat

Getting a coat for a dog these days is no longer a new thing. Not only are these coats for fashion, they also help you keep your dog warm.

When the temperature changes and begins to fall below 45° F, get your dog decked up in these coats so as to protect them from the cold weather.

2. Bring A Blanket

This is another way to keep your dog warm. Getting them a blanket is one sure way to express your love to them when the weather changes.

Bring A Blanket

In addition to getting them a blanket, you can also get them a small bed. A thick blanket would give your dog all the warmth it will need to stay fit.

3. Keep Your Dog Dry

Leaving your dogs in a wet state could make them uncomfortable. Just like humans, not drying the wetness off their body could make them prone to cold.

Cold is not something you would want your dog to catch as it can be quite stressful for you as well as the pup.

You can use a towel to dry your dog’s body when you notice or see moisture or water, it could be rain but whatever it is, always dry it.

Also, you can use a cool blow dryer , one which you have placed on a cool or warm setting.

Doing otherwise could be tantamount to endangering your pup’s life. Always keep a towel in your car or take it whenever you want to go camping, for your pup’s sake.

4. Use Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are used to keep your pups warm. Taking a sleeping bag along with you when camping is a very good idea as it can come in handy.

Use Sleeping Bags

If your puppy does not know to use a sleeping bag, it is advisable you teach them how to before going on the trip.

5. Feed Your Dog More

Do not be surprised when your dog tends to overeat during the cold weather as they tend to eat more during winter as these fats are needed to keep them warm.

However, be careful not to overfeed them as over feeding is tantamount to underfeeding; both could be dangerous to the health of your pup.

6. Cuddle Up With Your Dog

Just like humans love to cuddle, dogs too love to cuddle. Cuddling in itself is a warmth giver. Cuddling your dogs helps to keep it warm as it is scientifically known to release a hormone known as oxytocin.

Cuddling also helps to provide bonding as oxytocin is a trust hormone. This same hormone is released during childbirth and also during breastfeeding.

7. Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles can be an added advantage for you when you are going camping but be careful, hot water is a no-no as your pup could chew the bottle and hurt itself. You could use a plastic container for soft drink, occupied with warm water. Also ensure your water bottle has a thick covering for insulation.

8. Insulate Your Tent Properly

Insulating your tent properly could help to keep cold at bay for your dog. Get a smaller tent for your dog as smaller means warmer.

When insulating your tent, ensure to use a ground type of insulation such as a rug, a mat, sleeping pads, or even a blanket to keep the floor warm.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Your Dogs To Camp?

When the temperature begins to fall below 45°F, you might want to take precautions and get ready to keep your dog warm as below 45°F is ‘too cold’ for your dogs.

Dogs with thick, double layered coats are safer than their contemporaries as a result of the surface area and volume ratio.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Your Dogs To Camp

Temperature changes matters too. Note that winter air is warm compared to a chilly wind. So this also matters in terms of checking the weather. Winter could be warmer for your dog at times than you can imagine.

Do Large Dogs Handle Cold Weather Better Than Small Dogs?

The bigger the dog, the less prone it could be for dogs as body fat in itself helps to insulate so smaller dogs are at higher risk of getting colds than the big ones are.

Large dogs can handle the cold weather better than small dogs. Also, the skin of the dog matters as smaller dogs have a larger surface area than larger dogs and this is a factor to consider.


Going camping with your dog is a perfect idea if necessary steps are taken and precautions are followed. The weather could be too hot and it could also be too cold for your pup.

Ensuring a good and perfect temperature could not only relieve you of  stress but also help money as sickness could be at a distance from them

Taking the necessary steps, your dog would be thankful to you for keeping it safe and you would enjoy your camping like never before.