How to Keep Feet Warm Hunting in Cold Weather

If you know how to keep your feet warm when hunting, it will improve the quality of your outing. There are several ways you can keep the cold out, beat the weather, and bring home that catch.

How to keep your feet warm when hunting

Here are some suggestions to retain warmth:

How to keep your feet warm when hunting

Use socks

If your feet are not wet, you will hardly get cold. To keep your feet dry, you have to secure them with socks. It is advisable to have two or three layers of socks on. The first socks will serve to wick moisture away. As such, choose socks made from polypropylene material. These first socks will help to keep your feet dry. Having your feet dry is the first step to keeping them warm.

The second socks will serve to retain heat on your feet. It should be thick and made from wool. Insulating wool socks will keep the heat in. the third sock will serve to provide more heat. However, with the first two socks, you should have taken care of the situation. If the weather is really cold and getting to you, then the third layer is necessary.

When you get to a tree stand, you may want to change your socks. Changing your socks is essential because the socks would have been wet from trapping the heat. You might want to change into a dry pair of socks to achieve the aim – keeping your feet dry and warm.

Use electric socks

Sometimes, ordinary socks cannot do it. If the weather is extremely cold, electric socks might be a wise choice. Electric socks are built with some wires lining the socks. These socks are helpful for you if your outing involves a great deal of waiting. If you go hunting and within a short time you are back home, ordinary socks might work well for you.

However, if you are hunting a scarce game or trying to get into the spirit of the game and blend with nature, you might need something more. And electric socks might be that thing. With most high-end electric socks, you will not feel the wires, just the suiting feeling of the heat it generates.

Electric socks feature a range of settings that enable you to adjust the heat as it suits you. If you are not so cold, you might want to go with a low setting to keep you warm enough. However, if the weather is extremely cold, a high setting will work best for you. When using electric socks, ensure that you wear a pair of boots with enough space for the battery pack. You will need enough room for the battery pack to stay without the boot touching it.

Wear fitting boots

A well-fitting or loose pair of boots will keep your feet warm. If your boot is too tight, it will make your feet uncomfortable and cold. For hunting, get loose boots, one or two numbers bigger than your actual size. When you put on socks, probably up to three layers, it will help to keep your feet warm and comfortable. The more socks you wear, the tighter your boot will feel.

wear fitting boots

Use insulated boot pads

If the weather is really cold and your feet are getting the chill, you might want to consider boot pads. Boot pads come between your socks and the boot. It prevents heat from leaving your feet. This added layer serves two functions; it is meant to provide support and heat.

Boot pads come in different materials, including fleece and sheepskin. You can pick a material that works well for you. Also, boot pads usually come in the same size. However, you can cut it to your desired size. If you are going out on a budget, you might want to consider boot pads because they are pocket-friendly.

Use Cardboard under your feet

Cardboard has been a practical aid for keeping your feet warm. This trick has worked for people for years, but you might not know. It sounds unlikely for anyone to consider using cardboard to keep their feet warm. But you know what? During the NFL games in January and December in Wisconsin and Minnesota, fans usually stand on cardboard to keep their feet warm.

Since the cardboard helped them to cope with the cold ground, it can also help hunters. If you stay long in your outing, then take enough cardboard to keep you warm. Cardboard is a great choice for you if you will be standing at a spot for a long time, perhaps waiting for a prize catch to walk into view.

Use insulated mat

An insulated mat is another heat generator you can count on if you will be standing at one spot for a long time. Perhaps, you are hunting big games and have mounted your rifle, waiting for the elk or other big games to come in. An insulated mat will keep your feet from having contact with the cold ground and getting cold.

Most insulated mats are waterproof, making them useful in wet ground. They are skid-proof and are useful for concealing your location. If it is rainy, snowy or the weather is just cold, an insulated mat will be an apt option. It is suitable for diverse settings.

Insulated mats are usually more expensive compare to other options like cardboard. If you are on a tight budget or do not have the time to get a mat, cardboard can also be a great choice. However, insulated mats are softer than cardboards.

Heat packs

Heat packs come in handy in a cold situation. You can use them in your boot, legs, or even hands to keep you warm. They are not expensive, and they are easy to carry along.


You can keep your feet warm when hunting in ways that are easier than you think. With the right socks, cardboards, heat packs, and boots, you are covered. However, electric socks and insulated mats are apt for keeping your feet warm in extreme weather conditions.