How to Make a Broadhead Target [Easiest/Fastest Way]

Making a broadhead target by yourself is super easy, fun, and even cost-effective. And the best part is you don’t need any carpentry or workshop experience to be able to put a broadhead target together. Also, it’s more reliable since you made it yourself, you know its strength and life span.

This target has the ultimate strength for any arrow, and it’s very easy for you to pull your arrows back again. Let me put you through the process straightaway. But first, what are the materials you’ll be needing for perfect broadhead archery?

There are lots of ways to make broadhead targets, I mean lots of DIYs. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

5 Ways To Make Broadhead Targets

How To Make A Broadhead Target

1. SandPit

A sandpit or a pile of sand is one of my favorite broadhead targets. It’s easy to use, and I spend way less than usual. It costs almost nothing.

Most of the archery clubs I belong to discuss the sandpit as a very good low-budget target or for beginners and those alike. Also, sandpits last forever, and if it doesn’t, well, all you need is sand.

One major advantage is that sandpits do not cause damage to any type of arrows whatsoever and it’s easy to pull out your arrow.

Although, the only downside to the sandpit remains its immovability. It’s not portable unless your second favorite sport is shifting sand.

How To:

Build a strong box or a very thick carton with a measurement of five feet by four feet using pressured or chemically treated wood. Ensure the top of the box is open, and fill it with sand.

2. Padded Foams

Get about six bolts that each measure half in diameter and about three inches long. These bolts will help you draw the bottom and the top of your wood structures together.

Padded Foams Broadhead Target

Cut out layers of foam from an old bed (or you can use old clothes and rags in the absence of any foam). Be however careful so that the foams are not too much, to enable your screw to pass through the foams.

You need your foams to be properly compressed and your screws very tight so that they can stop the arrows.

If your foams are unable to compress together, get a couple of load straps and use them in compressing your foam. You can remove the load straps once the bolts are caught and firmly knotted.

You can just use the load straps and put the bolts away. It helps better than removing the straps and using bolts instead.

I recommend that you use carpet padded foam. Measure them in a square of sixteen by sixteen inches and stack them on the plywood. Your plywood needs to be at least a two by four-inch frame to hold the foam together and prevent it from breaking under.

Once you have achieved this, place a wooden frame on top and put the load straps around it. You can then begin using the load straps until the load is tight.

If your arrows penetrate, tighten the load strap again.

This type of target is also very good with field points.

3. Old Clothing

If you have old or useless clothing in your house, simply don’t do away with them yet. They are far more useful than you think.

Get a pile of old or unused clothing, wrap them up together in a bag and seal the tip of the bag tightly. Ensure that the bag is sealed so tightly in such a way that it appears to bounce when thrown on the floor.

The manor drawback, however, is that the arrows are not the way to pull out.

4. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are good for broadheads. It’s very effective if you want to avoid overspending and conserve money. What you have to do first is construct a frame made of wood that can hold together square pieces of cardboard that have been flattened against each other.

Cardboard Boxes Broadhead Target

You can build it at any size you want but it’s advisable to measure both sides of the state by 18 inches. Ensure that all the cardboards are cut about the width and depth of the frame that is going to hold your target. Immediately the cardboard pieces have been cut, stacked together, and compressed. Leaving the pieces lying around for too long might cause them to get rough or torn. This target can handle your shootings from bows that weigh as much as 40 pounds.

5. Improvise

There are lots of locally made bag-shaped targets that you can find in an archery store. These types of targets are not peculiar targets but are simply made for random shootings and can be well utilized for a broadhead. Just ensure that the bag target is not too sturdy or hard and check if you can pull your arrows out easily when you shoot. Another major thing to look out for is the weight of the bag, this is because weight is a defining factor in the longevity of the target. Finally, ensure that there is no prior wear or tear before purchasing the bag.


Making a broadhead target is very worthwhile and can be cost-effective too. Follow the steps above and let me know your experience in making your target.