How to Make Electric Hookup for Camping? [Step by Step]

Spending time away from home without a power supply seems impossible without camping. Camping is a good way to spend some solitary time alone or with close ones.

Having an electric hookup is ideal because it is a good way to make your time in camp more comfortable and fun. An electric hookup is important for camping because you get to have more fun, use many electrical appliances and sleep better.

There are several electrical appliances you can take along when going camping. They include blended, compact washer, grinder, coffee mixer and portable fan.

To make an electrical hookup for camping, you need some tools and materials which will be mentioned in this article. Also, you will get to learn the procedure of making an electric hookup for camping.

You can make electric hookup for camping by getting some electrical tools like the main cable, hookup cable, reverse polarity tester and others to create a connection in your camp.

This article is a guide about electric hookup for camping, benefits of using an electric hookup system and how you can make one yourself. Read on.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Hookup for Camping?

Campers and people who use RV trucks need electrical hookup for camping for several reasons.

You need an electrical hookup for camping to make yourself comfortable, adjust well with the weather conditions and have fun.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Hookup for Camping

Let’s look at some of the reasons why electrical hookup for camping is necessary.

  • Heat up the Camp: Camp destinations differ from one location to another and the temperature might not be favorable. But using an electrical hookup makes you run a heater when it gets cold in the evening.
  • Makes It Cooler and Comfy: Sometimes, the weather in your camp is very hot and you will need to put on a fan or plug an AC unit. Electrical hookups are good connections which make you feel better at noon.
  • Preserve Your Food: Cooking can be stressful in the woods and camp, therefore you might want to keep your food and drinks in great condition. Using an oven, coolers and fridges is common with campers, and this is only possible with electrical hookup.
  • Health and Safety Reasons: Sometimes many people may have some health conditions which will require the use of electrical medical appliances. Electrical appliances like this include Sleep apnea, asthma nebulizers and heart monitors.
  • Hair Drying: Some people are fond of their hair and they tend to take care of their hair every day. This can’t be done without electrical hair dryers, which can only be connected by electrical hookup.

What Appliances You Can Use when Camping?

When going to camps, it is ideal to take along several appliances to make yourself comfortable. Here are some important appliances you can use when camping :

1. Toasters

When you camp, getting an electrical appliance like a toaster helps you make fast bread toast crisp. The major drawbacks of camp toasters is that it can only make a limited amount of bread toast at once and it’s not ideal for bagels.


2. Waytap

Many alcohol enthusiasts can go to camp without drinking beer or some form of liquor. Using Fizzics Waytap lets you enjoy that aroma and taste even in the woods.

3. Fighter Extinguisher

Although this isn’t electrical equipment, it is an important appliance to take when camping. Using a mini fighter helps to protect you in case of fire. It comes with foam and dissolves smoke and fire easily.

4. Coffee Maker

Many campers can stay away from coffee, especially those doing research in the woods. Taking an espresso coffee maker is ideal because it can fit easily in your RV and works well.

Coffee Maker

5. Dehumidifier

When going to the camp, getting a dehumidifier can be a blessing because it reduces moisture in your living space. There are portable dehumidifiers you can get, which will make the air flow better.

6. Coffee Grinder

Asides just getting a coffee mixer, getting a quality barista coffee needs a good coffee grinder. It doesn’t use batteries and is affordable.

7. Wash Bag

While traveling, a wash bag comes handy and makes your life bearable. A wash bag weighs less and can wash a short within 40 seconds. It just requires a little water and soap.

8. Electric Portable Washer

This is bigger than the washer and is better for campers who are going into large groups. It can wash up to four or five clothes at once and within 3 minutes, your clothes are clean.

9. Dish Washer

Washing dishes when you are camping can be stressful. That’s why taking a dishwasher is recommended. There are many portable and budget-friendly dishwashers that can fit into your RV.

Dish Washer

10. Camp Stove

If you love cooking when in camp, getting a biolite Camp Stove can be a good idea. This Camp Stove is a thermoelectric generator which helps to convert heat from electricity.

Camp Stove

It is a nice substitute for solar power, all you need is a small wood. It comes with a removable battery pack, enabling you to charge it when you like.

11. Portable Microwave

Getting a nice microwave can be handy when traveling and camping. It helps to keep your meals warm and you can also prepare a fast meal after fishing or hiking. It takes less space than the average microwave and is cheap.

12. Multi Cookers

This camping appliance is great for cooking many meals at once. It helps you prepare meals faster and can prepare food like beef, chicken and veggies.

13. Blenders

People require the best fluids to keep them rehydrated when camping. Using a blender to prepare and blend your smoothies comes to mind. This portable appliance can be cleaned and operated easily.

14. Portable Refrigerator

Asides an oven, there are small fridges you can use to preserve meals during camping. You will need an electrical hookup to help plug the fridge.

15. Portable Fan

There is a high chance that where you will camp will have some heat, especially during the night. Getting a rechargeable fan will go a long way to ease heat during these periods.

Portable Fan

16. Clippers

This is compulsory, especially for bearded men who want to keep a clean shave during their stay in camps. Getting mini-rechargeable clippers will be helpful and make you look better.

17. Power Banks

If you are going to make use of smartphones or laptops, then it is ideal to get a power bank to the camp. Choose power banks that are as large as 50,000 mah or higher.

18. Deep fryers

Many campers who love fried beef or chicken will do well to get a deep fryer when traveling. This electrical appliance is portable and takes little space in your RV.

How to Make Electric Hookup for Camping  (Step by Step)

While you can buy a ready-made electric hookup, it comes at a huge cost. If you are on a tight budget, making an electric hookup yourself is your best bet. Before making one’s yourself, you will need some tools and equipments.

How to Make Electric Hookup for Camping

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Here are some tools and materials you need to get, before making an electric hookup yourself:

1. Two Way Splitter Y Connector

You will need this high powered pitch near your campsite because it is a supply access point. Also, should you need to use more than one power cable, this becomes ideal.

It is a tool which you can plug into the supply board and turn single access into multiple points.

2. Hook up Cable

This is called an extension lead, which is a pivot cable needed for an electrical hookup. You will need to get these when trying to supply power to your campsite. It usually comes with a three pin hookup name that can be inserted into the power bollard.

 Hook up Cable

The next ends will depend on where you are camping (tent or RV). This extension cable comes in diverse colors which helps them from being accidentally destroyed by other campers.

3. Mobile Main Roller Power System

This electrical tool is an alternative power supply which is needed at the camp if a drive-away awning comes along. It is used to power up lights and other phone chargers, especially in cold weather.

Mobile Main Roller Power System

It comes with two USB junctions for phones and three pin points. It is ideal for a tent or awning where there will be separate power supply for the vehicle and camp.

4. Main Electric Hookup Adapter

You will need these adapters to help you connect your car to a domestic 14A three pin socket. This comes handy for testing equipment before moving out of the camp. You could also use it to power your internal lights.

5. Reverse Polarity Tester and Polarity Reverse Adapter

The Reverse Polarity tester will tell you if your power amp and supply is right, while the Polarity Reverse Adapter will correct it. Those camping around Europe will find this helpful because it will give you peace of mind.

6. Universal Travel Adapter with Multiple USB Ports

This material helps connect an European socket to your leisure battery while at camp. This is a similar adapter to the one used globally. It helps to charge smartphones and tablets when you are camped out.

Step to Make Electric Hookup for Camping

Step to Make Electric Hookup for Camping

The following steps should be followed to make an electric hookup device :

Create a Parking Spot

The first step is constructing an RV parking pad. Check the ground and ensure it is very wet. The reason for this is to create a level surface which can carry the weight or your camp or RV.

This step requires a good mixture of gravel and cement. You will need a mat which should be at least 5 feet and big enough to contain your gear.

Check to make sure there are no hanging tree branches or power wires to intrude in your electric hookups.

Make a Post

When the pad has been installed, dig using a spade to create a hole. This hike should be at least 9 inches broad and 35 inches deep. When this is done, install a 4×4 post and put some gravel to make it strong.

This pole should be placed near the driver’s side of your RV to hold the electric hookups.

Installing an Electric Line Connection

Then, you will need to dig a small trench to link your faucet to your power source. This trench is important because it helps allow easy transfer of power from your home or external power supply.

Placing the Electrical Connection

Ensure you know where your rigs power service details before plugging your electrical components to your post. Check for the necessary amps and which electrical equipment you need the most.

Most RVs use 30 amp and 50 amp, check your appliances input and output before use.

How Much Does It Cost to Electric Hookup for Camping?

The cost for the installation of an electric hookup for camping depends on several factors. These factors include labor cost, the amps you are using for your RV, sewer system type and proximity from your power supply.

Averagely, you used to be looking at $300-$500 if you are doing it yourself. However, if you are engaging the services of professionals, it will cost between $1,200 to $1,500. These costs exclude prices for tools and materials used in the installation process.


The rate at which people camp and use RV trucks has increased over the years. However, to enjoy your camping, having electrical appliances is needed for comfort and fun reasons.

Moreover, learning how to make electric hookup for camping is recommended to cut the cost of buying one yourself or giving professionals. This electric hookup can be used to connect appliances like blender, a portable fridge, fan, clipper and coffee mixer.

The guide has highlighted the tools needed to make an electric hookup and the step-by-step process to make one yourself.