How to Put an O Ring on a Rage Broadhead

Putting an O’Ring on a rage broadhead sounds like a tedious job but it isn’t.One of the major drawbacks that accompanies constant practice in archery is that targets could wear out easily, and every archer knows what this means.

This isn’t all that comes with the sport. Just like every other sport, archery has its pieces of equipment. And as difficult as it is to bear, pieces of equipment do not last forever.

They sometimes wear out and tear, occasionally, parts of them are still very useful and a few times, we’ve had to replace the whole equipment. The same for archery. A lot goes just beyond shooting your bow and arrow.

This was one of the major problems I had years ago with my archery equipment. I just got a little bit tired of buying new ones all the time but my love for archery would not make me give up on the sport.

And so, this time, what needed replacement was the O ring on my rage broadhead, which luckily for me was better than replacing a whole broadhead. But it was tedious. For one, my broadhead was a rage broadhead and I was beginning to question why I did not use one with a rage shock collar.

When archery equipment wears or tears, you have a choice to either replace the spoilt part or purchase new equipment. This can have a negative financial impact especially if you consider purchasing new equipment.

I belong to an archery club. There we discuss the sport and all the issues that come with it. I once mentioned the issue I was having with my O ring  to my friend Matt, and he put me through. Whoa! I got it done, far easier and faster than I thought it would be.

Well, to cut the long story short, I know archers sometimes go through this same stress, so I’ve decided to show you how. But firstly, what’s an O ring or a rage broadhead?

What’s An O Ring?

This is a gasket or label that has the shape of a ring with a round cross passage, commonly manufactured with rubber and utilized particularly in pivoting joints. O rings come in different colors and sizes.

What's An O Ring?

It is also manufactured in different types too. There are Neoprene O rings, Silicone O rings, and a host of others.

O rings commonly seal with the aid of mechanical deformation that establishes a boundary to the potential leak route of a fluid between two closely related surfaces. O rings are commonly inducted in a trench that has been constructed or chipped in one of the surface areas to be sealed. The rubber properties of the material allows the instruments to equalize the major difference in dimensions that exists between the two closely related parts.

If the rings are in proper sizes, there is far less clearance between both surfaces. This enables the surfaces to form the shape of an “O” when they come in contact, and in turn causes deformation around the cross section of the parts.  This compresses the seal and the end result is the surface contact that comprises the internal and external sides of the gland.

What Is A Rage BroadHead?

Rage Broadhead is a tool shaped like an arrow used for shooting in archery.

Rage BroadHead

What Does The O Ring Do On A Rage BroadHead And How Does It Work?

The major function of O-Rings Is that it is used to fasten blades together and act as shock absorbers upon concussion. Some O Rings are used for slip cam style broadheads, while some are only compatible with broadheads that make use of plastic shock collars.

An O ring functions by latching a joining of two pieces in such a way that even the littlest amount of air, liquid, or gas cannot pass through. They are normally fitted into the groove and formulated to withstand pressure.

The interference between the seal and joining point gives room for the O ring to operate leak-free. The O ring material can, however, wear and tear due to a long time of usage.

How To Put An O Ring On A Rage BroadHead

I’ve heard lots of ways to replace an O ring on a broadhead but I’ll explain the safest and easiest way to achieve this.

How To Put An O Ring On A Rage BroadHead

First, mark a field point on your arrow, this helps to point out where the O ring will place on the arrow to prevent stress. It is also important, so you can know where to roll your ring around.  Now, roll the new O ring you’re about to put on over the field point you just marked and onto the shaft.

Once you have carefully done this, take out your field point and put in the broadhead, thrust the blades back, and twirl the O ring onto the broadhead. You’re good to go.

You must check your O ring anytime you remove an arrow from your quiver. This is because they have the propensity to come off partly or get caught up in the process of putting the arrow in or out of the quiver.

I hope you find this helpful.