How to Store a Kayak in an Apartment [Indoors and Out]

The safest way to store a kayak is indoors, like in an apartment, due to the prevention of extreme weather conditions (that could ruin your kayak) that it affords. Therefore, if you have a spacious apartment, you can find the most appropriate position to place your kayak. What if your apartment is small? I bear good news.

There are means you can devise (of which I will share with you in this guide) to store your kayak despite the small space.

Interestingly, not all kayak owners know how to take care of and store their boats; little do they know about the positioning, location of storage, and their impact on the boat. In this guide, you will find information on the basic dos and don’ts of storing a kayak:

Storage Ideas for your Kayak in your Apartment

Below are a few safe ways you can store a kayak in your apartment:

Storage Ideas for your Kayak

Kayak Racks

The phrase has already given away the information on how to store your kayak using this means. Kayak racks come with large hooks where you can sit your kayak for safekeeping. They can fit into an apartment and are advantageous in that you can move them from a location to another.

Can you Place it vertically?

Just like you have designated spots for your cars, keys, and other important delicate stuff, you can have a sacred designation for your kayak as well. You can choose to position it vertically at that spot. Even though separating a place for your kayak is a good method of storing it in your apartment, there are downsides.

One of the disadvantages is that positioning a kayak on a side for long could cause damage to it; hence, you are advised to either use this method occasionally or switch the position of storage periodically.

There’s also a method of hanging the kayak vertically, but your boat is prone to damage in this position because the kayak would be under too much weight, which consequently leads to deformation.

Pulley System

If you have an apartment with limited space, the pulley system method of storage may be ideal for you. More so, it is one of the safest ways to store your boat. How so? By lifting the kayak, you create a barrier between the action of moisture and excessive heat and the boat. More so, lifting it takes the boat out of the reach of children and whatsoever that could easily tamper with it.

Inflatable Kayak

You are well aware that inflatable materials save space; the same applies to inflatable kayaks, becoming a luxury for spacious apartments and a blessing for apartments with limited space. With inflatable kayaks, little will your worry be about space and storage ideas.

To store an inflatable kayak, the first thing to do is to deflate it.

After deflation, you only need to fold and fit it into the available storage space. In this scenario, storing the kayak having deflated it is not a flimsy option you may opt for, but a necessity. If you store an inflated kayak, it may experience damage to its valves. Besides, the skin of your kayak suffers from straining if stored for long periods.

There also seems to be a relationship between the inflation, (or expansion, if I may), of the boat and temperature rise. A temperature rise can lead to the expansion of the kayak when it is inflated and may result in ruptures in some cases. So, deflating and folding before storage is vital in storing an inflatable kayak. Nevertheless, watch out for seams – you want to avoid them. You can do so by rolling your kayak regularly when folded.

Wall Mount

The wall mount is good; as the name implies, you have to screw it to the wall with the fabricated hooks that come with the purchase of the boat. The wall mount also comes with foam and straps over the metal. There is no specific height where you must mount your kayak as long as it’s comfortable. The issue with this method is that it requires other hands to fix and place the kayak, and that may not work for you if you live alone.

Where should you store your Kayak in your Apartment?

Now you know you can store your kayak in your apartment; so, you don’t have to worry about storage anymore. However, with a solution comes another problem. Where in the apartment is it safe to store the boat?

store your Kayak in your Apartment

For some, you don’t have this worry because your apartment has a storage locker that you can make use of to store your kayak safely. Another option is to find a reserved place, such that experiences almost zero traffic of people. Like a place between the building and a hedge will do just fine. However, ensure the sun is not regularly kissing your kayak.

The living room may be a safe place due to continuous access and oversight of the boat; that way, you can always assure and be assured of its safety. An extra room in an apartment is yet another option for storing a kayak.

Dos and Don’ts of Storing a Kayak

  • Ensure the kayak is well rinsed to get rid of sand and grime after use. If you are going to suspend the boat after use for storage, ensure the weight is evenly distributed to prevent the chances of deformation.
  • If anything, moisture and sunlight are the greatest enemies of your boat. Keep your kayak away from exposure to these elements.
  • If you have to lift the kayak for storage, ensure it is upside down in the bid to protect its bottom from dents and scratches from storage racks.
  • Handles or scuppers are bad choices for hanging kayaks because they may lead to the distortion of the boat’s hull. Another means of storage you must avoid is the kayak transportation trolley; this is because the kayak’s weight may become overbearing for the trolley, and you sure know the implication of that.
  • As earlier opined, do not place your kayak on the side for too long; otherwise, you risk dents on that side.

Final Words

It’s now obvious that you don’t need to worry about space and ideas on how to store your kayak. Even limited spaces have suitable options for kayak storage. There is no reason to risk damaging your boat due to exposure to sunlight and moisture.