Is Archery Expensive? – Costs Are Listed Below

It depends on several things. Archery is a game that requires you to decide how expensive you want to make it. How much people spend on archery differs from person to person.

While some people get the basics – a bow and a few arrows-some get more advanced equipment to make it count for their application. Some factors determine how expensive archery is for you.

Factors affecting the cost of archery

There is no fixed price for archery. How you go about your game and what you buy will determine how much you will spend on it.

Factors affecting the cost of archery

While some people’s style and type of game demand that they have the latest equipment and gear, some people do not go beyond the basics. Here are some factors that affect the cost of archery.

The types of archery and the style you choose will determine how much you will spend on it.

How you take archery will also determine how much it will cost you. If you take it as a hobby and go out with a group of friends, you might be looking to spend a little compared to someone who goes on tournaments.

If you are into archery as a hobby, you will need a few arrows, a bow, some time to spare, and maybe a friend to make it more interesting and engaging.

If you are going to tournaments, you will incur some expenses. Some of the expenses include

Traveling fee

The cost of traveling from one tournament to another is a huge consideration. This also depends on your location and the distance you have to cover. If you are driving down there, you will be allocated some money for gas.

Entry fees

Most tournaments require that you pay an entry fee before you can participate in the game. There might be tournaments organized for charity, where you will be allowed to pay a token or as you will. Even at that, you will still have to spend some money in the process.

You have to be prepared

Participating in tournaments requires that you be prepared for the game. If you have taken archery to this height, you have to be prepared to walk the talk. You will need top-notch gear and equipment and upgrade them.

What is the cost of getting into archery?

So, your friend or cousin just introduced you to archery, and you want to take it seriously. However, you want to know how much it will cost you to get started. It depends on several factors, including your style of archery and the kind of bow you will be using.

Types of archery

There are several styles of archery, including traditional archery, 3D archery, field, and target archery.

Traditional archery

Traditional archery is cost-effective archery to engage in. you most likely need just a simple bow like the longbow. These bows have been in existence since time immemorial. Alright, these styles of bows were used hundreds of decades ago.

With 100 to 200 USD, you can buy a quality longbow. You can pick up a few arrows for a far lesser amount and maybe a quiver to keep them, and you are good to go.

If you are into traditional archery, you will most likely just locate a fun spot and shoot away. There is no tournament to worry about, except they come up with one, and you are interested in it.

3D archery

The kind of target you get for 3D archery will determine the cost. With this style, there are tournaments you can get into. With 150 UDS, you can step into the game.

However, more expensive targets may cost you up to 1500 USD. The good part of it is that you can decide the kind of target to use. If you are determined not to bore holes in your pocket, you can still have fun with this style of archery.

Field and target archery

This style of archery calls the crowd. There will be tournaments and competitions to attend. Accordingly, you have to prepare your mo

need for choices. You can get the targets that will tally with your budgets. Considering that they want to encourage archers to compete, the prices of this equipment are within control. You will also consider the cost of entering into competitions.

The style of bow

The style of bow you use also determines how much you will spend on the game. Some styles of bows include;

The style of bow


Longbow is the traditional style of bow and costs less. A few dollars will get you one. It is suitable for backyard targets and basic archery exercises.

Recurve bow

Recurve bow is great for sports and other higher applications. With 150 USD, you can get a quality recurve bow.

Compound bow

This is a great bow for the job if you are into hunting, 3D archery, and other specialized applications.

So, Is Archery Expensive?

Is Archery expensive

The cost of archery depends on your preferences and expertise. The kind of bow you use and the style of archery you do will determine how much it will cost you to get started. While longbows are suitable for light archery, professional archers will consider recurving bows and compound bows.