Outdoor Team Building Activities: What are some team building games that can be done outdoors?

Team building activities are a vital part of any company’s culture. They get your employees working together and communicating with one another. Studies have shown that team-building exercises help reduce turnover rates, increase morale, and create more productive workers. The only thing is: not everyone has space or resources to plan an elaborate activity in their office. That’s where outdoor team-building activities come into play! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some great outdoor games for various settings and situations so you can find something that fits your needs perfectly!

Team Building Game Outdoors

The Bean Bag Toss:

This is a classic outdoor game that many people have played since they were kids. All you need are bean bags and some wall or barrier to toss them over. It’s easy, large groups can play it, and there’s no special equipment required! You’ll also get different results depending on what surface the person throws from- like throwing in the sand, for example.

The Bean Bag Toss

Team Building Games Outdoors:

In this relay race variation, one player has a hula hoop around their waist while other players pass him/her the hoola hoop as he/she tries to keep spinning it without dropping it until time runs out. Like with the bean bag toss, this game is excellent for building trust and communication in large groups.

Knot Tying Race:

This team-building exercise can be played at any age level or sport skill level! The goal of the game is to tie knots faster than your opponents do. It’s best if you have two teams playing against each other, so they’re not waiting on turns but instead are racing! You can also use some pre-made knots to make this game a bit easier to get going!

Knot Tying Race

The Egg Toss

The egg toss is a simple game but works at building trust. It can be played with two people or in a large group. The point is to toss an egg into another person’s hands without breaking it! It may sound silly, but this game builds trust between players because they have to catch the egg and not worry about dropping it.

The Sand Toss (trust exercise)

This one takes place outside on the beach, lawn, soccer field, etc. One player stands near their opponent and throws sand over them while shouting, “I TRUST YOU!” For example: “I TRUST YOU” *throws sand*; BOOM right back; I TRUST YOU”. This team-building activity will give you a good laugh too!


Kickball, although fun, can become quite competitive for two different teams. The game is a bit like baseball but much easier to learn. It’s played with one team kicking the ball through an opposing team’s three-person bases to score points.


A different version of Kick Ball that can be done outside! Teams are made up of players split into two even groups for this activity, and they try to eliminate each other by hitting them on their backside or abdomen while wearing protective gear. So it’s all about who has the best aim!


Climbing Trees (trust exercise)

This trust-building game is also known as “inversion therapy” because participants climb head first down trees without ropes, building confidence and mental toughness if you can’t get out! Just be sure to check with your legal department before attempting this one with your office:)


Volleyball is another team sport that requires some skill as well as cooperation. It can be done in a limited space when you don’t have much room, and it’s excellent for promoting cardio exercise, hand-eye coordination as well as socializing with your coworkers!

Tug of War (trust game)

This is one that all ages seem to enjoy because everyone has some experience with the game. The goal is to pull on team members from opposite teams by either holding onto their hands or pulling them towards you, but if someone lets go of the rope, then they’re out! Simple enough, right?


This game is best for smaller teams of two people. There are a few variations of the game, but a popular one is for each team to try and get close enough so that they can pitch their horseshoes over your opponent’s designated stake.

Capture the Flag (trust, outdoor games)

In this game, there need to be two teams with different colors. Teams will have members trying to capture flags from opposing teams while defending their Flag and any other player on the opposite team who got tagged by an opponent or it was captured when someone ran past them! The catch? You’re not allowed to run to tag another person – you need some skill!It also might help if you know how many people can play before we continue:)


Surprisingly kayaking can be a trust-building exercise for coworkers.It is essential to make sure that everyone who kayaks is at the same skill level.This can be done by making a list of skills needed for different types of bodies of water and going over it with people before they go out on the river.Like most other games in this article, the benefit of this game is that you get some fresh air while having fun! If things ever got tough (which we hope doesn’t happen), there would always be someone close by to help you.Kayaking is also good because it utilizes all your senses which will surely keep your mind occupied and not thinking about work-related problems or possible disasters happening back home; win-win situation, right?


White Water Rafting

White water rafting is another tremendous team-building exercise as you must depend on your coworkers to paddle in unison to keep from flipping over when battling the rapids!You must also work together to get out of the raft and carry it whenever you come upon a tough patch.White water rafting is one of the best team-building exercises because not only are your senses being used, but if things ever got tough, someone would always be there with you to help!This will surely keep your mind occupied and make sure that no matter what happens back home, at least this part of your life will be great.Another win-win situation for all involved!

White Water Rafting


Softball can be a great team sport that focuses on relying on your teammates to get the ball to you so that you might be able to score a run.Teams are made up of nine members, but only five will play in any one game or inning, and each team member plays defense and offense during their time on the field.Softball is similar to baseball except for two significant differences; with softballs, it’s easier because there are no gloves needed, and also, they’re smaller than baseballs!Getting outside and participating in some games can increase morale among your peers while at work which will undoubtedly lead them back into being a productive group once again.Also, playing different sports helps people learn about their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, so when combined, this creates an even better way to build up people’s strengths!


Although this isn’t seen as a traditional team sport, many people still enjoy fishing with friends and family.A popular type of game is where each person has a pole or line, but you would need to have at least two bars for this!You could also play games such as “biggest fish” or see who catches the most types of fish in one outing- no matter what, it’s always fun out on the water catching your next meal!


Ping Pong

This sport doesn’t require much more than some rackets, ping pongs balls, and an open space used as part of a court (indoors).Teams are typically split up, so those playing against each other are considered opponents. It can then be played in tournament style, which is a fun way for coworkers to connect outside the office!

Ping Pong


Tag is a simple game. That can be played with any number of participants. The goal is to tag players while not being tagged.It’s an excellent game for building up an individual’s confidence and courage which are always needed in business!


This fun game has blocks that you pull from the tower and rules such as taking turns and only pulling one block at a time. The ultimate objective is to stack all or most of your pieces without toppling the entire structure over. It sounds easy but trusts me when I say it isn’t! This could even be used as part of some team bonding exercises if done correctly. Perfect games don’t have to cost anything, so why not give this a try at a local park with the office!


In Conclusion:

These games focus on team building, getting co-workers out of their comfort zone, and working together to accomplish something! There are many more ideas out there, but these are just a few to get your juices flowing! Have fun, be safe, and build that confidence up in your team members!