Samick Sage Review – Is This Bow Really As Good As People Claim?

Samick Sage Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage is probably one of the most well-known beginners recurve bows, for a very good reason. Even though it is a recommended bow for beginners, many skilled archers continue to use it since it is such an excellent bow.

The Samick Sage is a takedown recurve bow that is very reasonably priced, in fact, it will shoot just as good as more expensive bow models. You will find the draw to be smooth, has good arrow speed, and excellent accuracy. Overall a very good bow, whether you are doing target archery or hunting.

  • Quality: 5 / 5
  • Assembly: 5 / 5
  • Shooting: 5 / 5
  • Price: 5/5


As mentioned the Samick Sage is a great bow to not only get used to archery but to also develop your skills. Below are some of the key specifications;

  • Draw weights in lbs:25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60
  • Brace height in inches:5-8.25
  • Weight:4lbs
  • AMO Length:62 Inches
  • Max Draw Length:29 Inches
  • Riser: Wood and Hard Maple
  • Limbs: Laminated Hard Maple and Fiberglass Coating
  • Price: Lower than other models
  • R/L Handed: Both Available
  • A range of draw weights
  • Available for both left and right-handed archers
  • Tool-free takedown bow
  • Upgradeable limbs
  • Experienced archers should upgrade strings
  • Slightly heavier than similar bows

Samick Sage Review – Buyers Guide

Samick Sage Review

The Riser

One of the things I loved when I first held the Samick Sage was the riser. It felt like a perfect example of a bow that you would see in fantasy films/games. It is a perfect bow for beginners because it is so simple in design and doesn’t have complicated extras.

The riser is extremely durable because it is made from a mixture of maple and dymondwood. I personally find the grip to be comfortable, even though it is plain wood and doesn’t have any material grip.

Another reason why the Samick Sage is a great takedown bow is that it is very forgiving with which arrows you decide to use. It is also much easier to tune than other bows because the riser has a cut-past center shelf. Interestingly, this also gives the arrow above average power when being shot.

As mentioned before, the Samick Sage has a riser that is available for both lefties or right-handed archers. Many people are confused as to which side they should get, therefore I thought I’d give a little clarification. If you pull the bowstring back with your right hand, you will want a right-handed bow and vice versa if you are left-handed.

Summary of The Riser

  • Made from Laminated Hard Maple and Olive Dymondwood
  • A comfortable handgrip causes fewer issues with sore muscles
  • Easy to tune compared to average models
  • Use all types of arrows

The Limbs

All the limbs have been specifically designed to be durable, which is great for a bow of this price range. They are made from a hard maple but are then covered in matte black fiberglass. One thing that I love about the Samick Sage is the reinforced plastic bow tips, this allows you to be able to upgrade the bow strings. This is something that many recurve bows of this price range are simply not able to do.

Another reason why the recurve bow from Samick Sage is so popular is that it is a takedown bow. If you didn’t know, this basically means you can remove the limbs allowing you to upgrade them as you become more experienced. There is a range of draw weights available, starting from 25 lbs, up to 60lbs.

Summary of the Limbs

  • Laminated with hard maple and black fiberglass
  • Very durable with no twisting in the limbs
  • Reinforced tips with Phenolic plastic, allowing you to upgrade the strings

The String

Many people don’t think about the string when they look for their first bow, it is however very important. You are going to struggle to shoot arrows without string. Now for the price, the string is actually pretty good quality and should last for thousands of shots. You might, however, want to upgrade to FF Flemish strings at some point.

NOTE: Keep an eye out for a stringer. You may not get one, it would be a good idea to purchase one but they are normally no more than $10.

How Does It Shoot?

Some people might be under the impression that because of the low price, the Samick Sage reviews are not going to be very good. This is far from the truth, in fact, it has to be the best bow I have used in this price range, and would recommend it to any beginner.

When you draw the bow you will first notice how smooth it is. There are issues with some bows that when you release the arrow you notice some vibration. With the Samick, I noticed none. It is actually a really accurate bow which is great for beginners, because of the bow’s length. (which is bigger than some alternatives). This does also make it a little more forgiving on beginner mistakes such as stance/posture.

In terms of shooting, the performance of this would depend on the draw weight. The higher it is the more accurate and quicker it will be. 35lb is the lowest draw weight and really I would only get this option if the bow is for younger archers. By going for the 40 lb or higher models you will be able to shoot targets that are further away.

The Look Of The Bow

If you got into archery because you wanted to shoot from a traditional-looking bow, the Samick Sage is perfect for you. The look of the bow is as though it has come straight out of a fantasy story, with curved limbs and made completely out of wood.  It may not have a magical eye of Sauron or a crazy energy blast, but any shooter holding this boy would get someone’s attention quickly.

Assembling Your Bow

There is nothing more exciting than getting the delivery of your new recurve bow and assembling it. A great thing about this bow is just how easy it is to assemble and disassemble, which can also be done without any tools and minimal instructions.

The limbs slide into place and are then tightened together with knobs that are secured with your fingers. The whole process is very quick and more importantly very easy, something that any excited new archer will appreciate.  Just be careful with the limb tips, they have an issue getting a bit scuffed and scratched.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often receive emails with questions on my review of Samick Sage. I thought I’d add the most common questions below. If you do have any that are not listed here, please either email me or feel free to post it in the comments below and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Is The Samick Sage Good For Hunting?

The Sage will make a great bow for hunting, however, it does depend on the draw weight that you do go for. If you do want to hunt then you should go for nothing lower than 40 lbs, as this will be suitable for deer or smaller game. I would recommend going for at least 45 lbs if you are hunting bigger game such as elk.

This recurve bow is a little bigger than some other alternatives but it is still small enough to travel with. As it is a takedown, you are able to pack it away in its case to be a lot smaller.

Does It Come With Any Accessories?

It would depend on what package you decide to order as most of them do not come with any accessories. Although, unlike some bows, the Samick Sage riser has been pre-drilled so you can install an arrow rest, stabilizer, sight, and quiver.  We definitely recommend upgrading to a new travel case as well.

Is This An Ideal Bow For Beginners?

Yes! For many years the sage has been known to be the go-to bow for beginners. Sporting good stores will tend to sell you a bow that they have a lot of stock of, they usually don’t have the expertise or experience to recommend the features of a good bow.

If you ask any experienced archer, 9 out of 10 times they will agree that the Samick’s a great choice.

A few reasons why it is a great choice;

  • It’s the cheapest on the market of this quality
  • Takedown bows like this are ideal compared to a one piece as you can upgrade by simply changing the limbs
  • Provides excellent accuracy without a custom setup
  • The bow is easy to maintain and tune, ideal to not overcomplicate the shot and allow your mind to focus downrange.

NOTE: even though it is a beginner bow, it is perfect for an intermediate archer as well. I cannot stress enough just how good this bow is for the price.

Does It Come With Everything To Go Shooting?

Unless you brought a package that included them, you would also need to buy some arrows. The great thing about the Samick Sage is that you can generally use most types, unlike other beginner bows.  Some reviewers went into detail about getting new sights, but I think the options that come with it are more than enough. (I did upgrade my sights on my recurve crossbow though!)

The bow will also come unstrung, so you will want to get yourself a stringer as well. Other than these two items, you are good to go!

Where Is The Best Place to Buy It?

I will often try and purchase my equipment online, usually through Amazon. It is usually cheaper online and Amazon you know is a reputable company. Another great thing about ordering from there is that you can normally get a good deal by combining items such as the arrows needed and the bow stringer. Once you receive your delivery, you will have everything to get going. Plus if anything is broken or modified, you can easily send it back.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturer is a Korean company called Samick Sports Co Ltd. They are one of the most well-known companies, as they distribute equipment to over 50 countries. Interestingly they originally made Pianos but in 1975 started to create archery bows.  Guess they enjoyed camo colors over gloss black!

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9.4/10 Our Score

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

  • Samick’s risers are manufactured with imported Maple wood
  • Ergonomically designed grip with crowned arrow shelf
  • 62” total length for up to 28” maximum recommended draw