How to Shooting a Compound Bow Without Sights?

There are several ways to aim your compound bow without sight.

The compound bow is one of the various bows available for an archer. It is excellent for competitive shooters and professional archers. Compound bows are more expensive compared to other types like longbows and recurve bows.

Methods to shoot a compound bow without sight

Experts can shoot their compound bow with several methods, including:

shoot a compound bow without sight

Gap shooting

Gap shooting involves imagining a vertical line running through the target and aiming at a spot aiming the arrow at a spot. This spot should be below the bull’s eye if you are 10 yards away from the target. If you are 50 yards away from the target, locate a sport above the bull’s eye.

String walking

This method of shooting without sight involves aiming at the center of the target. The movement of your hands on the string depends on your distance from the target. You also need to maintain the same anchor point as you shoot. This method is limited by distance.

Face walking

In this method of shooting without sight, your hand does not need to move. Instead, it is the anchor punt that will move. Some professional competitions do not permit this style.

Tips on shooting a compound bow without sight

Aiming without sight requires a lot of skills not every archer possesses. However, with some tips and guides, you will shoot instinctively and aim accurately. Here are some of the tips to help you:

Know how to use the compound bow

Before you set to aim instinctively, you should have known how to shoot with your sight. If you are new to archery, you have to follow the steps to shoot a compound bow accurately. If you are a pro archer, you will find shooting without sight easy.

Make sure your equipment is sound

If your equipment is creaky, you need to put them in order before setting it out for your shooting. A good deal of your success depends on your equipment.

If you are an expert and your equipment is not equal to the task, you will find exerting your expertise harder. Before you set out for your outing, check every component of your equipment and resolve every issue.

Check your alignment

Ensure that your bowstring and the arrow properly align. If they are well aligned, it will improve your precision. And with accurate precision comes success.

Assume the right posture

When shooting without sight, the right posture matters. Placing your feet at the right length apart and the right angle will improve your precision.

Make sure your target is in sight

Ensure that your target is in sight. Also, ensure that your target can receive the arrow. It is risky to shoot the wrong target. Shooting a target that cannot take an arrow can pose problems. Shooting outside the target can be risky as well.

How to correctly aim your compound bow

Before you even talk of aiming your compound bow without sight, you should have known how to aim your compound bow correctly. One builds upon the other.

How to correctly aim your compound bow

If you can aim the compound bow like a pro, you stand a better chance of aiming it without sight. With that said, here are some tips to aid you in aiming your bow properly:

Be in charge

You need to be in charge of the situation – and your emotions – to aim accurately. A light exercise will help you relax.  Stretch yourself and warm up. Flex your joints and get into the mood. With the tension eased out, you are better prepared to start the day’s business.

Assume the right stance

The proper stance for shooting requires that you stand with your feet apart at shoulder width. Assume a 90degree angle to your target with your lead foot in front. Your weight needs to be properly balanced between your feet, and you have to be comfortable.

If this posture does not fit well, a few practices will improve your balance. You have to ensure that you get your posture right before shooting to enhance your accuracy.

Have a proper hold of your bow

If you hold your bow the right way, you are on the path to a successful outing. Hold the handle firmly with the pressure on the lower side of your thumb. Keep your finger wrapped firmly around the handle and your palm relaxed.

Rotate your hand without applying much pressure on the bow itself. You can practice holding the bow the proper way before your actual shooting.

Use the anchor point

The arrow needs to be on the bowstring to shoot your arrow, and then you pull it backward. While pulling, ensure that your arrow is next to the anchor point.

There are three anchor points – the where the string meets the nose, the point where your hand meets the face, and the point where your mouth reaches the kisser button. Whichever anchor point serves you better is right.


There are several methods for shooting without sight.

Aiming your compound bow without sight is not difficult with the right guide to direct you. You can adopt face walking, string walking, or gap shooting.

Each method has its rules. With the guide provided here, you can practice shooting without sight. With a few trials, you should be a pro in no time.