Squid Fishing in Seattle: What You Need to Know

Seattle is a city surrounded by water, and it’s no surprise that fishing enthusiasts flock to the region in search of their following big catch. However, there are so many different types of fishing to choose from! In this blog post, we will discuss Squid Fishing in Seattle:

  • What you need to know about squid fishing.
  • When you should go squid fishing (plus peak times).
  • Where you can find great places to go squid fishing.
  • What gear you’ll need for your trip.
  • We also have tips on weather conditions for your next adventure, as well as some pros and cons of going out of Squid Fishing in Seattle.

What is Squid Fishing in Seattle?

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing in Seattle is a type of fishing undertaken using specially designed traps baited with squid. It’s no surprise then that the most popular time for people to go squid fishing in Seattle is during the winter months- November and December- which happens when there are plenty of squids available! However, you can find good luck at other times throughout the year as well.

What Time Of Year Do You Go Squid Fishing In Seattle?

Winter: November & December (peak season)Spring: April – May Summer: July – September/October Fall: October – November/December (off-peak season)

How Far From The Shore Should I Be When Squidding?

How far out from the shore would help if you were when squidding depends heavily on the weather. As a rule of thumb, you should be close to the beach during lousy weather and farther out when it is better.

What Gear Is Needed To Go Squid Fishing In Seattle?

Squid Fishing gear

Gear for squid fishing in Seattle can vary from person to person depending on what they are most comfortable with or have available, but everyone needs some things- like bait! For example, if you plan on going at night time, then make sure to use light sticks, so your trap doesn’t get lost. It would help if you also had a net that can either be bought beforehand or made using materials found around where you are squidding (which requires more work). Other pieces of gear include hooks and lines for baiting traps, as well as anything else needed for preparing for your catch!

Is Squid Fishing In Seattle Fun?

Yes! Most people that go squid fishing in Seattle don’t do it for the food as much as they enjoy the novelty of being out on a boat and not having to worry about anything. It can be very peaceful even if you’re trying your hardest to catch something!

What Is Time Of Day Best For Squid Fishing?

The best time for squid fishing is at nighttime. This way, you can see the light better, and your traps will be easier to find if they get lost by mistake!

Pros Of Squid Fishing:

It’s Fun! The best part about going out on a boat has nothing to do with catching something–it’s all about being out on the water without having any worries or cares. Take in the fresh air and enjoy your time on the water!

Cons of Squid Fishing:

  • It’s not always peaceful. When you’re squid fishing in Seattle, it can be straightforward to get distracted by the surrounding wildlife and all of the birds and fish that flock around your boat!
  • If you have a dog with you onboard, be aware he or she will probably want to join in on the excitement as well…and there may come a time when they’ll make off with one of your traps if they get close enough–it happens. More than you think!

How to Ensure you Catch the Most Squid?

One of the best ways to ensure you catch many squids is by going out at night. Squid fish are attracted to light, and it’s easier for them to see your boat when there’s less daylight.If you go out during the day, try throwing in some brightly colored objects into your trap–squid will be drawn towards that color instead of what might otherwise appear dark inside!

How Much Will It Cost?

Fishing gear can range from $50-$200 but if you plan on catching lots of different species, invest in more expensive equipment so that all parts work together seamlessly. The best places around Seattle where squid fishing has been known to occur tend not to have an entrance fee which is always lovely!

Best Areas In Seattle For Squid Fishing Include:

Some of the best squid fishing areas in Seattle are located out on Puget Sound.The best time of year to go squid fishing in Seattle is from April through September, which are also the months when salmon return home after spawning – so you can catch two fish at once!One thing that makes for a perfect trip is if there’s a south wind blowing and it’s raining–squid will be seen feeding more often because they’re attracted to light, and it’s easier for them to see your boat with less daylight. Squid prefer water temperatures between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, although this isn’t universal throughout all seasons. The only area where you should not try going squid fishing in Seattle during the day is right near downtown around Elliot Bay as there are many other boaters, and it can become overly crowded quickly.

How To Clean Squid For Eating:

The easiest way to clean squid for cooking is to hold it in both hands and cut off the tentacles with a sharp knife. Squeeze out some of the ink sacs, remove the beak from inside by twisting it off if you can find it. Turn over onto your cutting board and then peel away the skin from one side to expose all internal organs–you may need to rip them open slightly using your fingers or a set of pliers.Be sure to clean thoroughly as squid are often covered in dirt, affecting how they taste when cooked!

Best Squid Recipe For After Fishing:

One of the best recipes for using squid that you have just caught in Seattle is cutting it up and frying the pieces in a pan with onions, garlic, chili flakes, or fresh chili. Add some white wine to taste, then cover the squid in flour.

Best Squid Recipe

Don’t forget salt and pepper!Squid is often used for filling pasta like penne–add your freshly cooked squid after you have boiled them until they are tender. Cooked as such, pasta dishes can be a great meal option when fishing around Seattle because of their delicious flavor that goes well over noodles!

In Conclusion:

Squid fishing can be quite a fun experience. Just getting out on the boat is quite an adventure in itself. Remember to clean your squid thoroughly before preparing it so that you have the best fresh dinner you can think of! Be safe, enjoy and tell us how that squid meal went!