The Best Lakes in Arizona for Boating

Arizona has some of the best freshwater lakes in the country for water sports, including boating. Lakes are an excellent place to go during any time of year and can offer a great escape from the heat or cold. Boaters need to be aware that there are many laws about lake activities, but luckily Arizona boating is relatively easy! Read on for more information about what lakes you should visit when you’re looking for fun on the water.

Best Arizona Lakes for Boating

Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, and Lake Powell are some of the most popular lakes in Arizona for boating. All three offer different activities to enjoy – from day-use parks and beaches to wildlife viewing opportunities!

Boating On Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu probably has some of the best boating in Arizona. It’s just minutes away from the Arizona/California border and is a popular destination for boaters to start their adventure. It offers boat rentals, restaurants on the water, and even an island where you can stay overnight!

Boating On Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Boat Rentals

It seems like Lake Havasu has something for everyone – whether it be camping or hiking trails nearby, a calm lake with great fishing opportunities, or excellent access to other outdoor adventures in this remote location.

All of these activities make renting boats at Lake Havasu one of the best choices when it comes to enjoying our beautiful state. Boating costs vary but are typically around $20-$30 per hour, including fuel fees (boats are gas-powered) depending on what type of service you want, you may be looking for something with a bit of speed, or maybe you want to float around on a pontoon boat. Whatever your interests are in boating, you can find it at Lake Havasu!

Lake Mead

offers a different experience than Lake Havasu and is located in the Colorado River. For those who are looking to go boating with their whole family, this may be a better option as there is more space for activities such as water skiing or wakeboarding.

Boaters on Lake Mead also have more access to other outdoor adventures like hiking trails or mountain biking, making it perfect for multi-sport enthusiasts! Boats can range from $20-$35 per hour depending on what type of service you want, but I would recommend going earlier in the season when rates are lower – that way, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is another favorite for boaters alike in Arizona. Boats can range anywhere from $30-$80+ per hour, depending on the type of boat you want to rent.

Lake Powell is known for its natural beauty and as a water source for many Native American tribes in Arizona, so it’s also a perfect place to go out with friends who enjoy boating and seeing wildlife! It’s best to come later in the season (October-November) when rates are at their lowest, but if you’re not worried about money, then any time will be great because this Lake has plenty of boats available all year round.

Best Time of Year to Visit Lakes

The best time to visit these fantastic lakes is during hot summer days or cool winter evenings. However, there’s a lot more than just fishing you can do on AZ waters: You can also take an afternoon boat tour alongside manatees at Crystal River Cove Marina & RV Resort or head over to Lost Dutchman State Park, where kayaks await your exploration near Saguaro National Park West.

What Is The Largest Freshwater Lake In Arizona?

Lake Mead is the largest freshwater lake in Arizona and one of the deepest artificial lakes. With more than 700 miles of shoreline, there are plenty of things to do here: You can fish for largemouth bass or white amur; swim at Hoover Dam Beach while taking in views from above; take a boat tour through Glen Canyon – America’s most famous natural wonder…

Why Is Lake Havasu So Popular?

Lake Havasu is famous for many reasons. First, there are more than 140 miles of shoreline to enjoy and explore; second, the water temperature remains a steady 72 degrees year-round, so you can swim from early spring through late fall without giving up on this activity altogether. Plus, Lake Havasu City has an array of marinas that offer boat rentals,…

What Kind of Boating Can Be Done At Lake Powell?

Lake Powell is a multi-purpose reservoir on the Colorado River. The Lake itself stretches for 186 miles and has more than 18,000 surface acres of water to explore. There are deep spots where fishing can be done from shore or boat rentals; there’s also plenty of sandbars you can enjoy while lounging in the sun.The most popular way to experience Lake Powell is by houseboat through several different outfitters that provide these services.

Can You Sleep On The Boat?

In Lake Powell, if you reserve a houseboat through one of the many outfitters, then yes, you can.

Do I Need Any Special Gear?

Yes! When renting a boat or kayak for Lake Powell, make sure to bring your life jacket and paddle as these are not included in the rental price. You’ll also need sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water before leaving shore.

How Much Will I Spend?

There are several boat rental prices available for Lake Powell, so you can find the one that fits your budget. Houseboat rentals start at $450 per night and include water sports such as jet skis which will cost an additional fee. If not renting, kayaks or stand up paddleboards can be rented from shore by the day ($15-$30), and fireworks shows occur nightly on most nights in July; these also have tiered pricing options depending on whether or not they come with dinner (prices range from $21 to $60).

All of the Arizona Lakes provide a fantastic time outdoors. But, the best time to go boating is during the winter or fall. The weather is spectacular, and the views are jaw-dropping. Grab the family and head out to the Lake, explore, and have a blast!