Trout Fishing in Missouri: Where, When & How to Catch the Most Trout!

When it comes to trout fishing, Missouri is one of the best states in the country. There are dozens of great trout streams and rivers that you can fish for various species, including rainbow, brown, and brook trout. The weather in Missouri during the spring season is perfect for fishing, with an average temperature between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about where to go, what time of year to go, how to catch them using bait or fly rod, and more!

Where In Missouri Is Best For Trout Fishing?

Missouri has many great trout streams and rivers. Take a look at the list below for some popular destinations:

  • The Current River is one of Missouri’s most famous trout streams due to its pristine water quality, cold springs, deep pools, and moderate currents. This river offers excellent fly fishing opportunities and good bank access, making it an ideal spot for beginners.
  • Cedar Creek is another popular destination because you can fish year-round with no restrictions on hours or bait types! Fishing season starts in March each year, so if you’re looking to catch more than just springtime trout, this creek is perfect!
  • Lake TaneyComo features over 20 miles worth of angler shoreline, making it easy to find your favorite spots for trout fishing!

What is the best time of day to go trout fishing?

Trout fishing is best at night because you can use artificial light to attract the fish. You must have a license in Missouri, so make sure that it’s on your person before trying this method of trout fishing!

Can I catch more than one fish per cast?

You won’t be able to catch more than one trout per cast, but if you’re using bait, then you will likely see multiple species with each cast, including bluegill and crappie. If you want to focus just on catching as many trout as possible, try using flies or lures explicitly designed for these types of catches.

Do I need a license for freshwater fishing in Missouri?

Yes, all fishermen over 16 years old need a fishing license. A fishing license in Missouri costs about $16 and is valid for one year.

I have a fishing license; what should I use as bait?

Trout is a predatory fish, meaning that you can’t just throw any food into the water to attract them. The best type of bait will be some form of meat or blood because this is precisely what they would naturally try to eat in their natural habitat. You could also use artificial light, which many people find more effective than using bait with these types of trout!

Is Trout Fishing only for Fly Fishing?

Not exactly. You can indeed catch trout with a fly rod if you are in an area with plenty of oxygen, and the water isn’t murky. You can also catch trout from shore by throwing out your line, but this does not guarantee that you will be successful.

Do I have to use my hands or a fishing net?

It would be much easier for one person to fish using their hands or a fishing net because it allows them to maneuver more easily without feeling too cramped up on account of being at close range near the body of water. If two people are working together, then they could take turns catching each other’s share! The only time that most fisherman would want to use some pole-like device is when they’re trying to go after something substantial!

How Big Do Trout Get In Missouri Waters?

Trout can get to be up to 15 inches in length and weigh up to three pounds!

Can You Cook Trout That You Catch In Missouri?

Yes, but it is best if you cook the trout within minutes of catching them. This will ensure that they are going to be at their freshest and tastiest. The most basic way of cooking a fish would be pan-frying with some butter or olive oil for about five minutes on each side until they’re golden brown. Add your favorite spices after flipping the fish over onto its other side so you can get an even distribution throughout all parts of the fish! Another idea might be grilling – this would make sure that the entire thing cooks evenly without any burns happening from being cooked too close to the heat source.

What does trout taste like?

Trout is a flakey white fish. It tastes similar to a white meat fish. The taste of trout is mild and soft, with not as much aftertaste as some other types of fish.

How big do you catch in Missouri?

You can find many different sizes of trout at any time during the year, but it’s perfect when they’re smaller. This is because their flavor will be stronger than if they were bigger or older! You’ll typically see that on average, there are about six spots per pound for medium-sized trout (about one foot long) so expect to land anywhere between 12-24 pounds worth each day depending on where you go fishing and what season you choose.

What is your favorite bait for catching in Missouri?

This depends from person to person, but most fishing for trout will use a particular type of fly that attracts the trout. Others use a variety of crawdad or minnow to lure the fish in and then a net. You can also use artificial lures, but they typically only work if you’re fishing from shore.

How many trout can you catch at once?

It’s a pretty common question for people who are just getting into fishing that don’t know what size stream they should go to try their hand at catching some trout! The answer is it depends on how skilled your cast is and how lucky you get – when I was younger, and I would have days where I could land 20+ pounds worth with my quality bait even though the water was small because there were so many fish present during certain times of the year like wintertime. But as an average, you can plan on catching anywhere from around a few to about a dozen trout in an hour of fishing.

How to Catch Trout:

Trout are primarily caught with artificial lures or bait, and then they’re pulled out using a net, but you can also use live bait like nightcrawlers (although that takes more skill). The best time to catch the most significant amount of fish is during their spawning season, which happens from April through June when they come closer to shore for protection from other predators – this makes it easier because there’s less water between them and your lure! You’ll want to make sure you have good quality gear if you decide on going all-in on catching some trout, too, as those smaller streams don’t offer much room for mistakes.

In Conclusion:

Missouri is an excellent state for trout fishing. Remember that not every trip out will result in good fishing. Some days will be luckier than others. Like all fishing, it is a game of patience and consistency. Try and take in the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy nature while you are waiting to catch into a trout. Once you do hook one, though, it’s game on! Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy trout fishing in Missouri!