Which Factor Most Influences the Choice of Arrow Point?

Choosing the right arrow point for your archery needs depends on how you intend to use it. Is it for hunting or competition? What type of target are you trying to hit? The choice of point for the arrow is influenced by a number of factors. The purpose of this article is to examine what arrow points are and some of the factors that affect their choices.

What are Arrow Points?

Arrow points are the sharpened and pointed tips of the arrow that are responsible for hitting and piercing the target. These arrow points come in different shapes, weights, types, and styles.

What are Arrow Points

Each of these points serves a unique purpose. While some are used for target practice, others can be used for hunting games.

In many cases, different arrow points suits were designed for special types of games. In other words, the type of arrow point that targets a squirrel is different from the point that targets a deer. What matters is that you have to select the arrow points considering the purpose which is to serve.

Types of Arrow Points

Different types of arrow points serve their purpose. Here are some types of arrow points you can consider for use.

Types of Arrow Points

1. Field Point Arrows

Field point arrows are used for practice points or small hunting games. In most cases, they are shot at backstops such as grass, foams, or bag targets. They catch most arrows while allowing the archer to make more practice.

However, this type is not often suitable for hunting big games. Instead, you may have to go for the smaller ones.

Practicing from an advantageous point of view that matches your body weight may reduce your adjustment aim before firing the arrow

2. Judo Tips Archery

Judo tips are an example of arrow points. Having similar weight to most big game broadheads, they are used in the fields to select and hit targets (leaves, stumps, or branches) even under varying simulated hunting conditions.

While shooting this arrow point, it is advisable to install a small wire spring (hook) to prevent its loss. The small wire spring shows when it hits the ground and allows you to recover them quickly.

The advantage of this arrow point is that it is more effective for catching small games. This implies that it may not work properly for hunting big games.

3. Bowfishing Tips

Bowfishing tips typically work for aquatic habitats. They are used in hunting any aquatic animal that comes in contact with the tips.

Made from steel, it is designed for penetrating the hard scales of aquatic animals such as carp, gar, pike, or other tough fish. This arrow point features strong barbs that allow the arrow to hold the fish and keep it afloat.

Besides, it has screws and retractable barbs or tips that allow you to retrieve any caught fish with ease.

4. Bullet Point Arrow

Just as its name implies, bullet point arrows work like the regular bullet. The arrow point is circular and the tip resembles that of a bullet. Its blunt end tip is flat and fast as it pierces through its target. It is a suitable option for hunting games of all sizes.

5. Blunt or Blank Arrow Points

Made from rubber, plastic, or steel, these arrow points are effective for hitting small games such as rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and other animals.

Unlike other arrow points that have a pointed tip, these are flat but deliver a heavy blow to their targets. Upon shooting, they flare out at the tip and form a wider striking surface to deliver a heavy shocking impact on the targeted animal. Besides, its flu-flu fletched shafts allow it to target small animals such as squirrels.

6. Hollow Point Arrow Tips

Hollow Point Arrow Tips have hollow shaft ends that keep the arrows in place when hitting a target. They are more like traditional snipers that allow you to hit your target from a specific distance.

7. Broadhead Points

Broadhead points are made of sharp-pointed steel that hit their target. It consists of two main types that have distinct functions. While both cause devastating damages to their targets, they work in different ways.

Most times, the best type to use during hunting is the mechanical broadheads. They are faster, more accurate, and hit their target swiftly. The arrow points retract itself before being fired but expand once it comes in contact with a target.

The expansion allows the blades to work their way and make shallow wounds into the animals. If you intend to hunt big game, then these arrow points will suit your needs.

What Factor Influences the Choice of Arrow Points?

There are few factors that affect the choice of arrow points. Archers’ choices are most often influenced by the function they fill. When determining which arrow points to use, the archer’s primary objective must be to achieve accuracy.

What Factor Influences the Choice of Arrow Points

If the archer just wants to practice regularly, he will have to select field point arrows. Meanwhile, if he wants to fish, he can use bowfishing tips to improve his chances.

In other words, an archer’s objective directly determines the arrow point he or she chooses.


A variety of arrow points can be chosen for different archery purposes. Accordingly, you can take into consideration the above-mentioned types of points to help you choose the one that will fulfill your needs.