Why My Dad Loved Fishing—and Why I’m Passing It on to You

As a child, there was nothing as amusing as a fishing charter with my dad. I think it’s the key to our deep bond that has pertained even after I’ve moved out and started my own family. Although we don’t go fishing as often, I still find my happiest moments when I put everything on hold, take the day off, and enjoy some time out on the lake with my father.

I’m here today to tell you why I think my dad loves fishing so much and why I believe it’s one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your kids, so let me get into it right away.

7 Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing

After some thinking, I narrowed it down to only 7 reasons I’d take my kids fishing, based on my fishing experience with my dad. And that’s what I’ll be talking about.

Kids Fishing

1. Spending Time Outdoors

Fishing is one of the best ways to escape reality for a while. I may not have had much to run away from back in the days, but I’m sure my dad carried the weight of the world on his shoulders at times. So, more often than not, fishing was the way to unwind.

Aside from that, spending time outdoors boosts your mood and makes you more productive and creative, especially nowadays with televisions and electronic devices taking over.

So, whenever you feel like you have your plate full or you’re too bored of staring at a screen for hours and hours, it’s an excellent idea to go fishing with your family or perhaps some of your friends.

2. Having a Sense of Achievement

We all remember how exciting it was to catch our first fish. It makes you feel more confident and in control, and you get to take pride in what you caught, be it a single fish or a bucket full of different types of fish.

In fact, I still get the same feeling as a grown-up. As soon as things start getting out of hand, fishing is my way to rebuild my self-esteem and find a sense of control and accomplishment. Even if it’s as simple as catching a big fish, it’s what I need to get back on track.

3. Having a Friendly Competition

I’ve always found an unmatched thrill in fishing, particularly at a younger age. Even when my father and I hadn’t agreed to compete, there was always a bit of unspoken competition over who would catch the biggest fish or who could catch more fish.

Friendly Competition

As amusing as this is for a parent, kids take it more seriously because they tend to be more competitive. I still remember how every fishing trip was a chance to prove that I was better at this than my old folk. Such a friendly competition builds up no anger because even if you lose, there isn’t any form of punishment. It’s all fun and games.

4. Bringing Home a Treat

Fishing isn’t just a sport. It isn’t even a sport in the strict meaning of the word because there isn’t a trainer, you’re probably no athlete, and there’s no trophy. But you know what your award is? The fish you bring back home.

Aside from being an essential survival skill, at least from my point of view, it’s so satisfying. It’s something that every kid will brag about and every parent should be proud of themselves for teaching to their kids, and that’s the real treat!

5. Learning More About Fish

There’s a learning curve to fishing, but it isn’t just about developing the skill because you have to learn about fish too. I think my dad wanted to pass his knowledge about different fish species on to me.

And even though fish trivia might not interest your child, I felt like the cool kid passing it on to my friends. Just seeing someone as passionate about fishing as my dad made me eager, and somehow, it caught on to my friends.

6. Building Trust

Our trips weren’t all about fishing. Instead, my father took advantage of his ability to spend that much quality time with me for parenting. For instance, we’d discuss certain behaviors, and he’d help me out with making decisions.

Although I wasn’t so conscious about the process, it made me trust my dad so much. He’s the one person in the whole world I’d talk to about anything, regardless of how embarrassed or ashamed I might be. So, all in all, fishing made my bond with my dad the strongest.

7. It’s Fun

We don’t have to dig any deeper into all the psychological reasons why we loved fishing. It was our recreational therapy! We’d go out, unwind, and relieve some stress, then head back home. This is how we made some of our best memories, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are all the reasons to go fishing that I could get off the top of my head for the time being, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to get out of fishing, even if you don’t become a professional angler.

The reason I’ve decided to share this with you is to bring your attention to some great values that our kids may very easily grow up without in the age of technology and speed. But it isn’t too late, and I hope you find this a gentle wake-up call.