Yoga Outside: The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

We all know that there are many benefits to doing Yoga. It’s a great way to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing, and it can even help you sleep better. But have you ever wondered what would happen if we did our Yoga outdoors? I got the opportunity to try some outdoor yoga for myself last week, and let me tell you… it was awesome! Let’s talk about the benefits of this practice together so that when spring rolls around again, you’ll be ready to take advantage of this fun way to stay fit!

Outdoors Yoga Tips:

Outdoors Yoga

Find Privacy:

If you’re practicing outdoors, be sure to find a location where you will not be disturbed. You need some privacy so that your neighbors and passerby don’t disturb or distract from your practice.

Sun Protection:

If there is too much sun, it might make things uncomfortable for your eyes during Yoga… but if the weather patterns are overcast enough, then this won’t be an issue! Just use sunscreen (or even sunglasses) as necessary when outside in the daytime hours of sunlight.

Place Your Yoga Mat:

Ensure that wherever you do your outdoor Yoga, you have plenty of room around and below your mat – at least three feet on all sides should do well! The ground may not feel very comfortable underfoot if there are rocks, so you may need to clear some land before placing your mat.

Yoga Blocks When Outdoors:

If you do any backbends, do them with caution. If there is a steep slope or loose surface under your mat and blocks, then it might be best to avoid using the blocks at all as they could get pulled out from underneath you!

The Benefits of Yoga Part One:

There are many benefits of doing Yoga outside, such as connecting with nature – hearing the sound of birds, feeling the wind in your hair… I’m sure this doesn’t need much explanation, but I enjoy being outside for a while! Plus, there’s something oddly therapeutic about listening to bugs while practicing Yoga 😉 The fresh air can also have an extremely calming effect on both your body and mind during practice which may help you experience more profound effects when meditating.

Finding Your Chi:

Finding your chi while practicing Yoga is the art of connecting with the natural world and feeling your surroundings. There are many ways to do this, but there’s something about being outside that allows for easy access to nature.

The Benefits of Yoga part Two:

Yoga is excellent for your physical wellbeing as it promotes strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance while calming you down mentally by reducing stress levels. With Yoga, you can help relieve tension in all areas, including neck/head pain, back problems (including sciatica); lower-back discomfort; chest tightness or heartburn; carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis symptoms such as inflammation or joint stiffness… All these benefits just from practicing Yoga!

Clearing Your Mind Outdoors:

One way to clear your mind outdoors through Yoga is to focus on your breathing. By concentrating on one thing, you will focus your thoughts and get rid of any negativity.

Improving Your Physical Health:

Yoga is a low-impact exercise that’s great for people with limited mobility or injuries. There are no complex movements like running, jumping, or lifting weights which means there is little chance of damage as long as the proper form is taken into consideration… Yoga can help boost circulation both in your body and brain! It also helps when it comes to reducing stress levels by calming down our minds through breathing exercises.

Improving Your Mental Health:

Yoga is not just for the body. Yoga is for your mind and spirit. Yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by balancing the body’s energy levels.

Improving Your Mental Health


There are a few tips to practicing Yoga Outdoors safely. Some of those tips include but are not limited to:You can buy a yoga mat to use outside. You don’t need blocks as you would indoors because the surface is not slippery and hard like it would be on concrete… If possible, find an isolated area where there are no people around for your outdoor yoga session.

Outdoor Yoga Groups:

Some studios offer outdoor classes or do special events in nature. This way, you’ll get that connection with Mother Nature but still, have some of the safety measures put into place by experts who know what they’re doing!

Yoga Alone Outside:

It’s important to tell someone about where you will be if you plan to practice outdoors alone so that they can come looking for you should something go wrong. It’s also intelligent to keep both water and your cell phone with you at all times when practicing outdoor Yoga alone.

The Benefits Of Being In Nature:

Yoga in the great outdoors offers a multitude of benefits, from increased mindfulness to decreased stress. When you practice Yoga outside, your body is exposed to different elements, which can have a powerful effect on how you feel and how active and alive you are!

The Benefits Of Yoga part Three:

Many people neglect their physical and mental well-being so that they can keep up with society’s demands. The good news is that doing little things like incorporating outdoor Yoga into your routine will help put those neglected aspects back in check – without having any negative consequences on life as usual!You’ll be more mindful, less stressed out, physically healthier, and happier overall if you incorporate regular outdoor yoga sessions into your day-to-day routine! So what are you waiting for? Grab your mat and head for mother nature!

In Conclusion:

Outdoor Yoga was started back in the 1990s by a guy named Shiva Rea. It has been growing over the last few years, and there are now outdoor yoga groups popping up worldwide!The benefits of doing Yoga outside are endless – both for your physical and mental wellbeing, you’ll notice that after just one session, you’re more mindful, less stressed out, and physically healthier than before!Outdoor Yoga is a fantastic way to connect with nature while feeling great about what you’ve done for yourself in terms of dieting/exercise, as well as touching on a deeper level with your spirituality. You will feel refreshed from head-to-toe when outdoors enjoying this practice, so make sure to take some time each week to do it or at least give it a try if Yoga is your thing!